Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sparkly Nails with Gosh Nail Glitter

Christmas is getting closer and closer and I think it's time for some sparkle in our lives! I have been dreaming about glittery nails for a couple of weeks now. I think all of that Christmassy stuff just makes me go glitter/shine/sparkle crazy :)
In my previous post I showed you two pots of shiny glitter from Gosh I bought in Superdrug. I gave it a go today. I wasn’t looking forward to the whole process of doing it  however. I thought it was going to be messy, glitter will end up all over my house and I will end up being frustrated and unhappy with the results. Ok, so that was the worst case scenario. Reality was far from that. It was actually really easy and fuss free:)
I did have couple of tries to figure out what's quickest and easiest way to do it. These things don't come naturally to me! I have to figure them out.
Lay paper towel sheets on your work top as it is bound for little bit of glitter to end up outside the pot.
So here's what I did at first:
I applied to coats of my main color Essie Angora Cardi on top of a base coat. Then I used Seche Vite Dry Fast Coat on all nails. Then I painted the tips of my nails with clear nail polish and dipped my finger in the glitter. I did not like that effect. It didn't gradually disappear into the nail but instead it created obvious line where the glitter was finishing. I also applied to much clear polish.
Second try:
After cleaning nails that had glitter on I painted them with one coat of Angora Cardi. I figured, most of the nail will be covered in the glitter so why put two coats? I skipped the top coat part and added glitter straight onto a color varnish. Then I used little spatula thing you can see in the picture to sprinkle the glitter at the tip of my nail. Then I dipped the brush in the pot and by tapping the handle (not touching the nail with the brush) glitter fell onto the middle part of the nail. That created the gradually disappearing effect. I found that by using spatula, too much glitter got stuck to the nail and it was clumping in places.

Third try:
Lastly I tried using only brush to apply glitter. I dipped the brush in the pot and gently touched the tip of the nail with it. Gradual effect was done as previously by tapping the handle.This is the quickest and most effective way to do it. Remember to be gentle! Just lighlt touch the nails with the brush othervise you will make a dent in the polish.

Glitter on the nail went a little higher than I intended to but I think if I'm a bit more precise next time it should come out just perfect :)
Don't forget to put top coat on top of the glittery nails! It will last longer :)
I hope my instructions were understandable and you will skip the mistakes part and have lovely effect the first time round.

Still looking a bit messy but it will clear off after washing my hands ( I hope :) )

I also wanted to add that glitter came off of the nail very easily. I was a bit afraid it's going to be a massive polava to get it off but it wasn't at all. It came right of in one big glittery chunk :)

Do you like the effect? Have you got any tips on how to apply glitter on the nails?

Dose of randomness:
  • my boyfriend picked up my nail varnish remover and said to me "If I pour this on you, will you dissapear?" I was like "errrr what???" and then he showed me the label on it which says "Polish Remover" and since I'm Polish.... It was funny! I just didn't get it at first :) 
  • I've made "Greek style" fish dish ready for Christmas dinner at work on Friday. If it sits in the fridge for one day it tastes better.
  • I was gonna catch up on my reading today. I didn't and now I have to go bed :( I suppose half an hour won't do any harm to my beauty sleep... :)


  1. your boyfriend is sense of humour:)hehe
    Nails look very nice but i like put glitter lacquer, i hate loose one.

  2. Yes you're right! Glitter polish is so much easier than loose. I have got to get a bottle of a nice glittery goodness? Any brands you recommend? x

  3. i'm sure that there're many glitter polish in uk:) i saw a few on asos website but forgot name of brand


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