Thursday, 23 August 2012

Essie Love & Acceptance

Super quick nail post today.

Here is Essie Love & Acceptance from Wedding 2012 collection. I am not getting married but still love this colour. It’s a pastel lilac/gray shade and I feel like this is going to become one of my favourites.

On some other note, I have started 50 Shades Darker and struggling to get through it …. Not sure if I will make an attempt on finishing it.

Hope you’re having a good week so far!

Sylwia x

Monday, 20 August 2012

Neon Orange Drop Hem Dress

I got this dress back in April when visiting my family in Poland from shop called Re-reserved (anyone heard of it?). I really wanted a drop hem dress at the time and loved the simplicity of this one.

I wasn’t too convinced about the colour at first but only this or black were an option in stock.I didn’t want black for summer. Hoping it will magically change its colour to beautiful coral I took the orange one to try on.
How surprised I was when saw myself in the mirror. It goes so well with my skin tone! It makes my skin look healthy and not as pale as it is (I was gonna say ‘makes me look tanned’ but let’s face it – I never look tanned. Even when I am tanned it just looks like my natural not pale skin :D). Plus it is not extremely bright neon shade... it’s more like pastel neon (ha ha) or it could be gray lining that tones it down a notch.

Skinny gold belt that came with the dress grew on me too and together with nude sandals it all looks simple yet chic.

*Dress – Re-reserved
*Clutch – Asos
*Shoes – Lasocki (polish brand)

Your thoughts on neon?

Sylwia x

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Deep cleanse those pores!

It feels so nice to write in here again. I am sorry for my long absence and hope you didn’t give up on me. The reason for my absence is 50 shades of gray, I could not get away from this book! … Not really! I'm joking!…. I did read it but I don’t think it lives up to the massive hype. I will post a review when I finish the whole trilogy.
I am back now and will be blogging regularly again so let’s get down to business.

I love deep cleansing masks and creams. Using them regularly has helped my skin a great deal and things like blackheads are kept at bay. I highly recommend adding deep cleansing to your routine and I guarantee you will see the difference in your skins condition.

My absolute favourites:

*Soap&Glory No Clogs Allowed – this is one of those self-heating products so is nicest to use in the winter when you need a bit of coziness and comfort. Nonetheless it works perfect all year round. It exfoliates and invigorates the pores leaving the skin literally squeaky clean. Results seen instantly!

*Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle – this glycolic acid cream is serious heavy duty stuff. It stings and cannot be applied on damaged skin (picked spots etc). SPF 15 or higher needs to be applied prior to sun exposure. It’s best to use it as a night cream for about a week or two (depending on the skin condition) and awesome results are guaranteed. After that it can be applied once or twice a week as an extra treatment.

Trying out at the moment:

*KAESO Dead Sea Mud Mask – nothing revolutionary here. It leaves the skin feeling soft but doesn’t instantly clear it out. It’s a nice treatment when used regularly twice a week but no miracles.

*The Body Shop Blue Corn 3-in-1 Mask – I don’t like massive gritty bits in it – they feel way too abrasive. There definitely is noticeable difference in the skin condition (i.e. less blackheads) after the use but to me it’s too harsh to use twice a week.

Are any of you fans of deep cleansing? If yes, what’s your favourite product?

Sylwia x
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