Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Daily Look - Tuesday Lunch with Friends

Typical English weater today. Rain, sunshine, rain, sunhine, wind, rain, sunshine + stuffy air. I went for safest and most used option - layering. Please don't mind my forever old, dirty bow pumps. I love them so much I will wear then until they fall apart. Does anyone have something in their waredrobe that is worn all the time and nothing will be ever able to replace it? If I could I would buy exact same pair again but sadly Faith no longer exists :(

Skirt - Top Shop
T-shirt - New Look
Cardigan - Mohito
Bag - Mohito
Pumps - Faith
Bangles - H&M, Handmade

*Press light gold shade to entire lid and blend on the top
*Sweep dark gray-brown shade in the outer corner. Remember to add little by little and blend, blend, blend
*Add lighter than your skin tone cream shadow to inner corner on the eye and under the brow
*Apply and smudge black eyeliner on the outer corner for softer look
*Cut your falsies in half and apply in the outer corner

Products Used:
*Revlon Color Stay Foundation
*NYC translucent Powder
*Me me me blush in Rouge
*Loreal Bronzing Powder to Contour
*Mac Patina
*Clinique Totally Neutral trio - darkest shade
*Mac Shroom
*Sephora black creamy eyeliner

Brown is My new Black

I think brown accesories become my obsession and I didn't even realise it! I'm gonna have to consider buying some other colors or I will start looking like wooden garden furniture.
Anyhoo... that's when I noticed :)

Shoes - H&M £12.99 on Sale
Satchel - Matalan £10
Belt - Matalan £3

Bioderma Review

Hello eyeryone!

Just a quick review of two Bioderma products I picked up in Poland. I only have good things to say about these two. Will definitely try more Bioderma products in the future. Only thing is that Bioderma is not sold in the UK :( Unfortunately prices on ebay are relatively higher :( So if you'd like to try these out, you need to ask your Polish friend for a little favour when they go visit their family ;)

Bioderma Micelle Solution Make up Remover for Face and Eyes
*removes every trace of make up with minimum effort
*doesn't irritate the skin
*super gentle for eye area
*subtle scent
*perfect for fixing make up mistakes
*very efficien
*price £10 - £15 for 500ml

All in all it's a brilliant product. Does everything that manufacturer promises. Well worth the price! 10 out of 10

Bioderma Anti-Shine Day Fluid for Combination/Oily Skin
*light formula
*very fast absorption
*matifies skin for 8 - 10 hours
*as well as matifyng it moisturizes the skin
*subtle scent
*doesn't clog pores
*pores appear smaller
*price £8 - £10

Overall I highly recommend this product. It deliveres everything that manufacturer promises. Only thing I have to pick on is that it's not a perfect base under make up. Because it absorbs very quickly, make up can be applied immediatly but skin is well matified so foundation won't spread easily. I would suggest to use a light base over it. Be careful what primer you choose thou, because you don't want to spoil Bioderma's matifing effect.

Have any of you tried Bioderma?

Tropical eyes

Products used:
*Revlon Color Stay Foundation
*Me Me Me Blush in Rouge
*Inglot lipstick 133

*H&M lipgloss
*Inglot Freedom system eyeshadows
From Left:
Light green 477
Dark Pink 495
Yellow 60
Cold Purple 482
Sea Green 504
Cream Gold 110

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