Friday, 31 October 2014

Packing for a weekend in York

I hate packing. I never know what to take, always over pack and always feel like I haven’t made the right choices. However on this occasion the strangely warm weather made this task so much easier for me!

I’m staying in York only for one night so packed two daytime outfits and one night outfit. Daytime consist of dress + cardi and skirt + stripy top combos. Night time outfit is the simplest thing: a dress. And here’s where I always struggle: shoes.  I am taking two pairs of ankle boots and Uggs. Seems like a bit obsessive to take 3 pairs of shoes for two day trip? Well, yes it is but I need Uggs for the day outfit but if it’s too hot I will need the low heel boots but I can’t go out in any of these so I need black ankle boots. That’s my crazy thinking. Does it make sense? Probably not :).

One little wash bag with all of the make-up and skin care essentials and DONE! Hopefully this will be enough and the weather will stay lovely for us.

Oh! I'm also taking a scarf - an Autumn must.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Shopping my stash - November 2014

I have mentioned last month that I am making an effort to use/use up products from my skin/body care and make up collections.

For November I have picked 1 skin care, 2 body care and 3 make up items. I have used all of these products couple of times before but not enough to form firm opinions. We shall see what I think of these goodies at the end of November.
1. Vichy Idealia Serum – I had a sample of this and loved it so much that I had to pick up the full sized product. Having said that… sample had enough of product for about 3 uses. I am curious to see if my skin will still love it as much after daily usage for a month.

2. Bath & Body works Pumpkin Body Lotion – I have mentioned this product in my Pumpkin haul here. It has a strong scent but it doesn’t bother me yet. Skin on my legs gets SO dry in the Autumn and Winter. I hope this stuff will sooth it well.

3. Burt’s bees Coconut Foot Cream – Skin on my feet gets super dry too. I have yet to find a perfect foot cream thou!
4. No7 Skin Illuminator – I have had this stuff for years…. I am pretty sure I it expired long long time ago. BUT! There is only little bit left! I just want to use it up and be done with it (it’s not a bad product thou and it doesn’t break me out despite its age).

5. Benefit Eye Bright – I do like this! I am pretty sure everybody who owns this little guy, does like it. It’s a lovely product. But again… it’s old and I just need to use it up.

6. Too Faced Sweethearts Blush in Candy Glow – Now! This is new! Brand new to be exact! Super cute packaging, lovely colours, great formula. I can’t wait to use it!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Party decoration idea – pom pom chandelier

My friend is having her 30th birthday party at home. She will have a marquee in the garden and lots and lots of massive pom poms! We made ones from newspapers and tissue paper. It will all look awesome! What I wanted to share with you today are those pom pom chandeliers I have also made for her party. I got two ‘children size’ hula hoops from a random stand in my town, they were £1.50 each. I have already had some scraps of fabric at home so used them to wrap around the hula hoops. The big poms are made from tissue paper; it was only 49p for each colour from Home Bargains! I made small poms from yarn I had at home (I was into crocheting few years ago lol).

The whole thing cost hardly anything and I think it will look absolutely awesome at the party. However I will not deny that it was quite time consuming and the excitement of making it wore off after couple of hours.

The two chandeliers are currently hanging in my bedroom and living room and will be transported to the party on Saturday. But I started to like having them there and it gave me an idea for decorating my bedroom… I’ve added the new idea to my project list and I will definitely share once completed.

Ps. All pom pom making tutorials found on Pinterest! I told you I’m addicted to that website J

Sylw x

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Pumpkin Season ‘Bath and Body works’

This pumpkin bundle was only $25 with any purchase worth $30 (I think!). I am not sure if they still run this promo but I thought I will share my thoughts regardless.

1. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Gentle Foaming Hand Soap – I like the smell of this and I am definitely a fan of the foamy soap. I think the foam pump makes it more efficient. I haven’t found this drying my skin at all.
2. Pumpkin Loofah – It’s cute, I didn’t use it yet but will definitely do so.
3. Pumpkin Sweet Cinnamon Body Lotion – I haven’t used it yet but it has a thick consistency which might mean it will be deeply moisturising (hopefully!). The scent is nice but slightly overwhelming for my liking.
4. Pumpkin Sweet Cinnamon Fine Fragrance Mist – I am not too sure about this product. Is it meant to be like body spray that you spray after a shower? Or more like a perfume so that you smell like pumpkins? Either way, I am not sure if I want to smell like pumpkins all day.
5. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Deep Cleansing Soap – This soap has some random little exfoliating particles. I think there are not enough of them in there to actually work. It also feels a bit weird when washing my hands. I’m not too keen on it to be fair.
6. Pumpkin Sweet Cinnamon, Pecan Waffle & Spiced Cider Mini Candles – I really wanted to like these candles, they are so cute! But the scents are just too strong and too sweet for me. I have not burned them yet but and I am not sure if I will be able to do it. I might give them away to a bigger pumpkin fan.
7. Shower Gel – The bundle also included a shower gel. I gave it to my friend as unfortunately standard shower gels give me rash and I need to use the Sulfate free ones.
I have come to a conclusion that I am just not that into Pumpkins. Whilst these products are lovely there is just something in that scent that doesn’t really speak to me. I might change my mind when using these more, you never know! As for now thou, I would pick apple and cinnamon over the pumpkin.
I wish I could go to America again soon to try some other Bath And Body Works products.

I don’t think I will be trying the Spiced Pumpkin Latte any time soon…

Sylw x

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Essence Colour & Go '130 what's my name?'

This is a lovely Autumn colour. It's a plumy purple colour but it's not too dark. I really like the brush in these Essence polishes. It's quite thick and flat at the end. My nails are big and quite wide so this brush makes the application super easy and quick for me.

Sylwia x
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