Friday, 31 October 2014

Packing for a weekend in York

I hate packing. I never know what to take, always over pack and always feel like I haven’t made the right choices. However on this occasion the strangely warm weather made this task so much easier for me!

I’m staying in York only for one night so packed two daytime outfits and one night outfit. Daytime consist of dress + cardi and skirt + stripy top combos. Night time outfit is the simplest thing: a dress. And here’s where I always struggle: shoes.  I am taking two pairs of ankle boots and Uggs. Seems like a bit obsessive to take 3 pairs of shoes for two day trip? Well, yes it is but I need Uggs for the day outfit but if it’s too hot I will need the low heel boots but I can’t go out in any of these so I need black ankle boots. That’s my crazy thinking. Does it make sense? Probably not :).

One little wash bag with all of the make-up and skin care essentials and DONE! Hopefully this will be enough and the weather will stay lovely for us.

Oh! I'm also taking a scarf - an Autumn must.

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