Wednesday, 5 November 2014

October 2014 Product fail - Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion

I have heard such good things about this product. I have had such high hopes. I really wanted it to work. Unfortunately it did not work. I am glad I got the mini size before committing to buying the full sized bottle.

The lotion has a really nice texture and feels lovely on the skin. It actually made my skin feel very hydrated for the first two times I used it. But my skin started to hate it straight after that. It actually made it feel dry, rough to touch and dull looking. I have stopped using it for a while. I gave it another try after about a month but scenario repeated itself.  
Perhaps I had an allergic reaction to the product? I am really not sure but I have not had a similar experience with any other moisturiser before.

The bottle in the picture looks quite full but I have used most of the 15ml of product and I feel that I gave it a good try. I had to stop using it in the end due to my skin looking and feeling just horrible.
It is a shame because I had such high hopes for this product. Oh well! My journey to find the perfect moisturiser continues.


  1. The same happened to me with this Clinique moisturiser, actually with any Clinique product to be completely honest... Their formulas just don't seem to work on me! xxx

  2. Yeah, I am the same! I had a quick look into their ingredients and they seem to use quite a lot of harsh ones x


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