Sunday, 30 June 2013

Quick and easy soft daytime smoky eye

I am all about quick and easy... when it comes to makeup that is :D

I do love trying out new makeup and creating looks. But I love sleep more. I really don't like getting up half an hour earlier in the mornings to put the slap on.

I do everything to simplify the makeup process but still look put together. Today's look is super simple, yet gives a nice definition to the eyes.
I swept light taupe/brown colour all over my lids with a fluffy brush. Then applied soft brown kohl pencil from middle to the end of my eyelids. Smudged it with a smudgy sponge (comes with the pencil - double ended thingy). Then applied dark taupe/brown colour on top of the pencil smudging it further with an eyeshadow brush. Then I just used pencil brush to dab some highlight in the inner corners. Done!

It didn't even take 5 minutes. Add mascara, foundation and other bits and I'm done in 15 minutes. That's my style :)

I tried to smile in the pictures below but it just looked awful so I went with the weird pout lol

Products used:

*NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette 07 Versus
*Revlon kohl eyeliner
*Maestro 497 blending brush
*Sigma SS239 eyeshadow brush
*Sigma SS219 pencil brush

Today was a beautiful day by the way. Probably first proper day of summer. Me and the boy went to play mini golf. It was my first time and guess what? I won.... I'm a natural... I wonder how many more hidden talents I've got :D

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sylwia x

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Little white lace dress - From Day to Night

Simple white lace dress from Dorothy Perkins. Found on sale for £10.

This is what happened the other day (don't expect exciting story. Although it was exciting for me which makes me just a little bit sad):

I was getting ready in the morning. Threw the white dress on, styled it with my purple/taupe Primark blazer and mint Accessorize clutch. Took some pictures for the blog and realised I am totally overdressed for day time shopping. So I swapped the blazer for a cardi, clutch for a cross body bag and changed into more comfortable shoes.

It was only then, I realised how versatile this little dress is! It goes with pretty much everything, day or night. So decided to take pics of the casual outfit for you too :)

I got changed back into the 'smart outfit' later that night. Had a hot cinema date :D


Happy Wednesday everyone, hope you're having a good week

Ps. Anyone noticed 'hotel band' tan line on my arm? lol

Sylwia x

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Shopping my stash - Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

I haven't reached for this foundation for quite some time. This is for two reasons:

1) It was little bit too dark for me (007 Cool Beige)
2) My skin has been quite oily and I didn't need extra glow on my face
Just for reference, I've been using Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum 52 Vanilla before.

So this is why I've been using PhotoReady lately:

Darker shade is no longer a problem as I have my holiday tan now (whoop whoop).

My skin has been experiencing some serious dullness problem. For some reason it's been lacking that 'heathy glow'. Every morning I'd wake up looking tired and 'gray'.
Healthy Mix normally does the job when it comes to skin 'pick me up'. But in this stuffy weather it just couldn't survive on my face. It would breakdown by lunch time on me. So 4 hours after application I would have a disco ball face.
Photo Ready on the other hand seems to be holding on my face far better. It actually lasts looking pretty good all day long. Doesn't dry my skin out and no cakeyness. It contains tiny shiny particles but they are invisible when blended. These little things are responsible for 'the glow' factor.

I am quite baffled by this whole 'oily but dull' skin issue I'm having. Doesn't anyone else experienced that? PhotoReady is definitely the answer to this!

Sylwia x

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Random Favourites - Mango, Taylor Swift, Bio Oil, Pina Colada and Open Uni

1. Mango Peach Salsa Yankee Candle & Mango Beautifying Oil
- I am obsessed with these two! This Yankee is perfect for Spring/Summer. Smells sweet but fresh, not sickening at all. Dry mango oil from The Body Shop smells divine too. I always wondered how oil can be dry? But I guess it means that it moisturises but isn't greasy. This one is like that anyway. I don't like it for my hair thou, makes it look stringy.
Anyone knows any mango scented stuff? I am addicted to this scent so give me anything!

2. Taylor Swift 'Red' - Never thought I'd be a fan but I am enjoying this very much.

3. Bio-Oil - I am not committed enough to apply this regularly on my stretch marks so won't tell you here that this is a miracle product. It is helping my super dry nose at the moment though. Bio-Oil is re-hydrating skin around my nose and I hope it will get rid of the dryness for good. I tried many things and this is the only thing that seems to be doing any good.

4. The Open University - I've started to work on my final EMA assignment for Openings Module. I have to submit it by mid July. I enjoyed this module a lot. I managed to wake up my brain and remind myself what's it's like to study and revise. I'm looking forward to my first year as a Uni Student. But for now I need to focus on finishing this one.

5. Pina Colada - I don't think I have to explain much here! It's soooo yummy! It will forever remind me of Tenerife.

Sylwia x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Couple of classsics

I do love a bit of airport shopping. It usually means browsing through shops I don't have easy access to.
My recent airport visit concluded in purchasing Mac Creme Cup lipstick and Naked 2 pallet. The second one I actually bought on a plane for £30. I believe that's £6 cheaper than in the shops so I was a happy bunny.

I won't go on about these because I am sure you've all heard and seen enough. I just wanted to mention that I'm a proud owner of  two products every single make up fan owned for about... ever.

I haven't started using them yet. Not sure why as I am quite excited to try both of these out. I think I just like things to stay looking brand new for a while. I'm weird... I know.

Anyone else lacking Naked 2 out there? .... No? .... Didn't think so!

Sylwia x

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Holiday OOTN

I am back from Tenerife! Had an amazing time but it's time to get back to reality.

I've got a little holiday outfit for you guys. I absolutely love these H&M shorts. They can be dressed up or down in many different ways. I think they were only £7. White simple shirt is from New Look and shoes from Dorothy Perkins.

Shame it's not warm enough to wear this kind of thing in England.

Earrings from Dorothy Perkins :)

Sylwia x
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