Sunday, 23 June 2013

Shopping my stash - Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

I haven't reached for this foundation for quite some time. This is for two reasons:

1) It was little bit too dark for me (007 Cool Beige)
2) My skin has been quite oily and I didn't need extra glow on my face
Just for reference, I've been using Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum 52 Vanilla before.

So this is why I've been using PhotoReady lately:

Darker shade is no longer a problem as I have my holiday tan now (whoop whoop).

My skin has been experiencing some serious dullness problem. For some reason it's been lacking that 'heathy glow'. Every morning I'd wake up looking tired and 'gray'.
Healthy Mix normally does the job when it comes to skin 'pick me up'. But in this stuffy weather it just couldn't survive on my face. It would breakdown by lunch time on me. So 4 hours after application I would have a disco ball face.
Photo Ready on the other hand seems to be holding on my face far better. It actually lasts looking pretty good all day long. Doesn't dry my skin out and no cakeyness. It contains tiny shiny particles but they are invisible when blended. These little things are responsible for 'the glow' factor.

I am quite baffled by this whole 'oily but dull' skin issue I'm having. Doesn't anyone else experienced that? PhotoReady is definitely the answer to this!

Sylwia x

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