Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Little white lace dress - From Day to Night

Simple white lace dress from Dorothy Perkins. Found on sale for £10.

This is what happened the other day (don't expect exciting story. Although it was exciting for me which makes me just a little bit sad):

I was getting ready in the morning. Threw the white dress on, styled it with my purple/taupe Primark blazer and mint Accessorize clutch. Took some pictures for the blog and realised I am totally overdressed for day time shopping. So I swapped the blazer for a cardi, clutch for a cross body bag and changed into more comfortable shoes.

It was only then, I realised how versatile this little dress is! It goes with pretty much everything, day or night. So decided to take pics of the casual outfit for you too :)

I got changed back into the 'smart outfit' later that night. Had a hot cinema date :D


Happy Wednesday everyone, hope you're having a good week

Ps. Anyone noticed 'hotel band' tan line on my arm? lol

Sylwia x


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