Thursday, 29 September 2011

H&M Nerd

My first H&M nail polish and I know I will be picking up more of these. The one I am showing you today is called Nerd and it's a classic nude. Creamy texture, easy to apply and opaque colour in 2 coats. It looks a bit dark in the picture but believe me when I say - this is a perfect cream nude.
Cost: £2.99

Notice random hair in the bottle :)

Nail Tek Foundation II base coat
Seche Vite top coat

Have any of you guys own H&M polishes? Any colour worth recommending?

Have a great Friday
Sylw x

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sleek haul

Hi everybody!
Last week I received a parcel from sleek. I decided to place an order for Nude Collection everyone is raving about. To avoid dissapointment by going to the shop and finding that they haven't got what I want I placed an order online with In terms of customer services I can't say anything bad. Everything was proccesed smoothly and I received my goodies after 4 days.
I was nicely surprised at the checkout when asked which shade of free mini lipgloss I would like. I chose Magic Strawberry. It's a cute little thing you can attach to your keys and would be a great idea for me if not the smell. Unfortunatelly I can't stand it :(

Au Naturel palette has 12 mineral bases eyeshadows every nude lover will adore. They're all nicely pigmented, creamy and easy to apply and blend. To me it's a beautiful Autumn/Winter colour selection. I will definately get a lot of use from it these coming seasons. As every sleek palette packaging is sleek (ha! maybe that's where the name comes from!) and compact so perfect for storing and travelling with. Price £6.49
Blush in Suede is pigmented enough to apply and blend easily. I've read some of the Sleek blushes are very strongly pigmented which I don't necessarily like. You have to be super careful when applying them and I prefer just to slap it on without spending too much time on it. But thankfully this isn't the case with Suede. I would say the colour is a pretty warm rusty peach :) It will go lovely with these seasons trend colours like mustard yellow, burgundy or brown. Price £4.30
Last but not least Pout Polish in Bare Minimum. Thing I like the most about these is that they look like lip gloss but act like lip balm. Glossy and conditioned lips in one swipe :)
Unfortunately my lips are highly pigmented so this colour shows clear. So to show it's lovely nudness I apply tiny bit of foundation or concealer on my lips. Price £4.30

Along with the Nude Collection I was really interested in trying out Pout Paint lip stains. These are meant to be dupes for highly pigmented, long wear OCC Lip Tars. Mine is in 161 Minx. I haven't got any Lip Tars so I can't compare these two products but I am really happy with Pout Paint. Only tinest amont in the world is needed to cover whole lip evenly. So far every time I tried to get tiny bit out of the tube I ended up needing only half of it. That just shows how little you need. Finish is more on the matt side but it feels smooth on the lips. No stickiness at all which is brill news for me.
Price: £4.99
Oh! You can mix other colours with each other and create unique shades. Fun!

From left top: Nougat, Numbuck, Cappuccino, Honeycomb, Toast
From left bottom: Taupe, Conker, Moss, Bark, Mineral Earth, Regal, Noir
Eyeshadows were applied on top of Urban Decay Primer Potion. Top three cream colours don't show up too good but it doesn't meant they are not pigmented. They are just very close to my skin tone so they blend in with it! I would use them as a natural highlight or a all over base. For those girls with darker skin tones they will probably show up a bit more.

From left: Blush Suede 921; Pout Paint Minx 161; Pout Polish Bare Minimum 963

Hope this was helpfull!
Sylw x

Primark and H&M Autumn shopping

I admit it. I shopped. But only a little and cheap :)
Here are few things I picked up on Sunday.

Scarf - H&M
Jewellery - Primark
Knit oversized - H&M
Purple and Stripy oversized - Primark
5 pairs of pearl (not real od course ;) )earrings for £1! Bargain!

Dose of randomness:
*I experimented with Sigma Small Contour F05 brush and applied liquid foundation with it. I've been using it everyday for that purpse. It's natural hair but dense so doesn't soak up the product. Fast blend and natural finish. Love it!
*lots of sunshine this September. Shame we didn't have that in the summer
*going Poland in 1,5 weeks. Counting days now

Sylw x

ELF budget eyes

Hi everyone!
Today I'd like to show you couple of ELF (eyes lips face) eye products. They cost practicly nothing and quality is surprisingly good.

One of them is cream eyeshadow from Studio line in Dawn. It's not extremly smooth but pretty easy to work with. And the best thing is - it doesn't crease! I have oily lids and even after 10 hours there was no creasing! How good is that?
Another item is Brightening Eye Color Quad in Day 2 Night from their Regular line. These colors are easy to apply, blend and they are nicely pigmented. I achieved best results with base like Urban Decay Primer or Mac Paint pot.

Far left - Cream eyeshadow in Dawn - Beigey, rosy color with suble sheen
From left - Day 2 Night quad (applied on top of Urban Decay primer potion) - shimmer rosey color, shimmer gold with pink undertone, matte plum (this one needs a bit more work to apply) and matte black (it's very soft so apply little bit at the time to avoid fall out).

You can create pretty day look using Dawn on it's own or apply light colors from Day 2 Night on top of. For a night look add plum and black in the outer corner and crease. You can make it as light and natural or as deep and dark as you like. These two products are very versatile and work great with each other.
Only thing I have to say is packaging. Pot is massive and only half of it is filled with actual eyeshadow. Not very travel friendly :(

Ok, so the best thing about these is? Price. Cream eyeshadow costs £3.50 and Quad £1.50. You can't go wrong with that.
You can buy these at . Sign up for the newsletter and you will get up to date promotions like free delivery or discouts as big as 50%!

Have a good day!
Sylw x

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Barry M Coral Nail paint for Autumn?

Who says brights are only for Summer? This beautiful coral is still rockable in Autumn. It will add awesome pop of brightness to this seasons colours like brown, mustard yellow or burgundy.

My nails make me happy when I look at them now :)

On my nails:
* Nail Tek Foundation II base coat
* 2 coats of Barry M 296 Coral
*Seche Vite dry fast top coat

£2.99 at Boots or Superdrug

Sylw x

Herbal Essences Helo Hydration

I went to Hawaii today!... not :( At least not in real life. But thanks to Helo Hydration Shampoo in my mind I was there. I love it's coconut scent an I'm sure everyone in the locker room at swimming pool did too ;) But unfortunately my hair didn't end up looking super silky, gorgeous to die for as seen in the ad. It was fairly easy to comb them thru and I must say this isn't easy to achieve with my hair.

I also used hair mask from the Helo Hydration collection and that was really nice. My hair felt smooth and soft and dry apperance was reduced to the minimum.

So overall not bad but not great either. I have to add that my hair are super dry after all the bleaching plus twice a week chlorine "treatment" does not help them at all. For those of you that haven't got severely dry hair these products may turn round to be nicely hydrating.

Dose of randomness:
* my straightners is broke :(
* next read on the list is "Misery" by Stephen King - scared already
* I had my first Spanish lesson Ole!
* gotta love swimming pool at 3pm session. Whole pool for myself :)
* strangely, I am looking forward to Autumn. I think new H&M catalogue probably has a lot to do with it
* one thing I dislike about make up? Cleaning brushes... grrr

Sylw xx

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Moulin Rouge/Burlesque insipred Make up

Products used:

Loreal Studio Secrects Resurfacing Primer
Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
Mac Studio Finish Concealer (on face)
Mac Select Cover-up Concealer under the eyes
N.Y.C. Smooth Skin Translucent Powder
Rimmel Bronzer (as a contour)

Blush Palette from ebay Far left on top
Inglot dark pink 495 eyeshadow (underneath the glitter)

Mac Paint pot Painterly (base)
Sleek Storm palette (matt black eyeshadow)
Sephora Deep Black eyeliner
Collection 2000 Glitter eyeliner 8 Dancing Queen
Eylure lashes 115
Rhinestones wheel from ebay
Max Factor False lash effect mascara

Barry m Lip liner no 3
Estee LauderSignature Lipstick 35 Rich red
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