Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Herbal Essences Helo Hydration

I went to Hawaii today!... not :( At least not in real life. But thanks to Helo Hydration Shampoo in my mind I was there. I love it's coconut scent an I'm sure everyone in the locker room at swimming pool did too ;) But unfortunately my hair didn't end up looking super silky, gorgeous to die for as seen in the ad. It was fairly easy to comb them thru and I must say this isn't easy to achieve with my hair.

I also used hair mask from the Helo Hydration collection and that was really nice. My hair felt smooth and soft and dry apperance was reduced to the minimum.

So overall not bad but not great either. I have to add that my hair are super dry after all the bleaching plus twice a week chlorine "treatment" does not help them at all. For those of you that haven't got severely dry hair these products may turn round to be nicely hydrating.

Dose of randomness:
* my straightners is broke :(
* next read on the list is "Misery" by Stephen King - scared already
* I had my first Spanish lesson Ole!
* gotta love swimming pool at 3pm session. Whole pool for myself :)
* strangely, I am looking forward to Autumn. I think new H&M catalogue probably has a lot to do with it
* one thing I dislike about make up? Cleaning brushes... grrr

Sylw xx

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