Sunday, 30 November 2014

Shopping my stash – December 2014

 1. Boots Botanics Hydrating Eye Cream – to be fair I just want to use this up. I have used it quite a lot before but didn’t really notice any hydration. I will try to use it every evening before bed to see if that makes any difference.

2. Organic Surge First Class Mask – I’ve had this for quite some time so just want to use it up. It’s a nice product, the skin feels nice and soft after using it.

3. Abi Soft Sun Self Tan – I don’t normally use self-tanners but I get so pale in the winter that I need a little tanner help during this season. This one is for English roses meaning that it’s very subtle and light. It only gives a hint of colour which makes me look healthy instead of ghost white.

4. Clinique 04 Totally Neutral Eye shadow Trio – I have been so lazy with make-up lately! I can’t remember the last time I applied eye shadow. It is so easy and quick to create a day time look with this trio. I thought it’s perfect to ease me back into using eye shadows.

5. Revlon Brown Eye Pencil – I don’t even know what pencil this is, all I know its Revlon. The writing rubbed off and most of it is used up anyway. This pencil is so old, I just want to use it up. I thought it will go nicely with the Clinique trio.

6. L’oreal Studio Secrets Primer – I did not get on with this at first. But I reached for it again in the summer and it turned out to work great. I don’t usually need to use primers in the winter because my skin gets dry. But the office where I work gets so hot and stuffy that my make-up needs a little primer help in order not to melt off of my face.

I will be reviewing all of the products featured in my ‘Shipping my stash’ series at one point or another. Not everything is worth a whole post but it might end up in my empties post, random faves or a monthly fail so stay tuned.

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