Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Party decoration idea – pom pom chandelier

My friend is having her 30th birthday party at home. She will have a marquee in the garden and lots and lots of massive pom poms! We made ones from newspapers and tissue paper. It will all look awesome! What I wanted to share with you today are those pom pom chandeliers I have also made for her party. I got two ‘children size’ hula hoops from a random stand in my town, they were £1.50 each. I have already had some scraps of fabric at home so used them to wrap around the hula hoops. The big poms are made from tissue paper; it was only 49p for each colour from Home Bargains! I made small poms from yarn I had at home (I was into crocheting few years ago lol).

The whole thing cost hardly anything and I think it will look absolutely awesome at the party. However I will not deny that it was quite time consuming and the excitement of making it wore off after couple of hours.

The two chandeliers are currently hanging in my bedroom and living room and will be transported to the party on Saturday. But I started to like having them there and it gave me an idea for decorating my bedroom… I’ve added the new idea to my project list and I will definitely share once completed.

Ps. All pom pom making tutorials found on Pinterest! I told you I’m addicted to that website J

Sylw x

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