Monday, 20 August 2012

Neon Orange Drop Hem Dress

I got this dress back in April when visiting my family in Poland from shop called Re-reserved (anyone heard of it?). I really wanted a drop hem dress at the time and loved the simplicity of this one.

I wasn’t too convinced about the colour at first but only this or black were an option in stock.I didn’t want black for summer. Hoping it will magically change its colour to beautiful coral I took the orange one to try on.
How surprised I was when saw myself in the mirror. It goes so well with my skin tone! It makes my skin look healthy and not as pale as it is (I was gonna say ‘makes me look tanned’ but let’s face it – I never look tanned. Even when I am tanned it just looks like my natural not pale skin :D). Plus it is not extremely bright neon shade... it’s more like pastel neon (ha ha) or it could be gray lining that tones it down a notch.

Skinny gold belt that came with the dress grew on me too and together with nude sandals it all looks simple yet chic.

*Dress – Re-reserved
*Clutch – Asos
*Shoes – Lasocki (polish brand)

Your thoughts on neon?

Sylwia x

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