Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

About a month ago I have read that Soap&Glory is expanding their range to make up. I am a big fan of their skin and body care products so were really looking forward to see if make up products are just as good.
I have bought only one item so far and that is Kick Ass Concealer. I have been using it for about two weeks now and I am ready to give you my opinion on it :)

Everyone can agree that vintage looking packaging is very cute. I think that is what brings our attention to the brand in the first place. But apart from looking good this pot is really well made. It feels sturdy, it has a mirror inside and comes with a little sponge.

Inside you can find 3 step camouflage kit which explanation on how to use it. Step 1 is a salmon colored under eye concealer (2.96g). Step 2 is a yellow face (blemishes, redness) concealer (2.96g). Step 3 is a sealing powder (2.5g). Powder and the sponge are separate from concealers which is something you can find mostly in high end products.

Both concealers are very creamy and easy to blend. I haven't got under eye circles (just a little discoloration) and brightening side worked fine for me. It covered everything it needed to cover. I do have to say thou that it didn't properly set into my skin. I found it stayed on top of the skin which made it look a bit cakey. I am not sure how it would handle dark under eye circles.
Yellow based face concealer however did a great job. I have got a lot of redness on my skin (spot scars, broken capillaries, red patches) and Kick Ass managed to cover it all. It worked on small as well as bigger areas such as cheeks. Very good coverage and it sets well onto the skin.
Translucent powder has a very light and smooth formula. I doesn't feel heavy at all.
This concealer survived on my skin for about 12h! Very impressive.

Nothing on the face
Foundation all over the face and Kick Ass Concealer under the eyes and on the face
Kick Ass comes in shades Light and Medium so not much choice. I suppose they're just trying to see if it sells and hopefully will add darker shades.

I paid £10 in boots which I think is a reasonable price for the quality and amount you're getting.
I have seen it being compared to Laura Mercier undercover pot which I unfortunately don't own but very curious how therese two comapre (considering the price).

Hope my review was helpful guys! Let me know if I've missed something out!


  1. This looks fab, great review. I had been thinking about getting the Bobby Brown concealer but I’ll try this first, I wonder how it compares to that.

  2. sounds amazing:) maybe i need to try:) i always used Touch eclat Ysl and now i'm in love with Dior concealer and makeup base


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