Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Dainty Doll vs. Mac Emerald Eyeliner

In last month Carmine beauty box I received Dainty Doll eyeliner pencil in number 004. Dainty Doll is a brand created by Girls Aloud's singer Nicola Roberts. Nicola has an English Rose pale porcelain complexion and that's the type of skin her cosmetics are designer for. Pencil I got is in a beautiful emerald shade. Since I do already own similar colored eye kohl Minted from Mac I decided to do a comparison of them two.

There is one main difference between those pencils and it affects their application and wearibility. It is consistency.

Mac (£13)is a kohl so very soft and it glides on very easily on the lid. It doesn't drag and creates even line. One or two swipes are enough to have an intense colour. It also applies lovely on the water line. Very easy to smudge and create softer look. But there is a bad side to its softness. This pencil is not one of these non-moveable eyeliners. It smudges. Especially when the weather is warm and skin gets more oily. I got about 6h of wear out of it and after that it started to smudge like crazy. I recommend using a good setting powder under the eyeliner to stop the smearing a little bit. I have been using Minted during the summer as it is gorgeous bright colour. My favorite way to wear it is on the lower lash line and water line with bare lid and lots of mascara.

Dainty Doll (£10.20) is being stated as soft kohl on the
website but this pencil is hard in consistency. It was a little difficult for me to apply it. It dragged my skin and didn't seem to soften up after warming up. I had to apply several coats to create a visible emerald effect. Because it's so hard it didn't show up on the waterline either. It states on the packaging that it can be smudged to create smoky look but I don't agree.
It's not soft enough to smudge. But thanks to not
being soft this eyeliner didn't move anywhere and
stayed on my eyelid for about 12h. I found a good
use for it as a little add on to a simple look. I used it on my bottom lid to add a pop of colour to a day time smoky look.

One swipe. Left- Dainty doll. Right - Mac.
Several swipes. Left- Dainty doll. Right - Mac.

You can see on the picture Minted is a shade darker than Dainty Doll but they are nearly enough the same colour.
All in all I would choose Mac's Minted. The reason for that is I really don't like hard liner pencils. I feel like there is too much pain and effort trying to paint a line and results aren't that great. They drag delicate skin on the eyelid and cannot be smudged.
I will continue to use Dainty doll but won't repurchase and will stay true to Mac in this case :)|


  1. Mac looks so lovely:) it's waterproof khol? I have similar from chanel

  2. @4premiere It's not waterproof - that's the only down side to it. But other than that it's a lovely pencil. I love it for Summer :)

  3. The MAC one does look tonnes better, if you want a lot of colour pay off!


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