Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Camine November Beauty Box

I received my Sample Beauty Box little late this month. This is due to Carmine trying to personalize it. I am glad they did. One of the items is a brow pencil and I have been asked too choose a shade. It's a great idea as I wouldn't be very happy if I received a dark pencil (I'm a blond).
If you're not sure what Carmine is please check out my post on October box here.
So here's what's inside:
*Neon Luxury Body Lotion 50ml
*Lulu's Time Bomb Flashback Night cream 15ml
*New Cid I-pout Lipstick (full size)
*Dainty Doll Eyeliner Pencil (full size)
*Cosmetics a la Carte Brow Inc

Same as previously I will put those to a good test and review them all for you.

Sylw x


  1. Hi there:)I haven't heart anything about these cosmetics, there're popular in uk?
    I subscribe glossybox but no every box is exciting to me:D
    I must look at camine box:)

  2. Hiya!

    Carmine if fairly new :) They've only released two boxes so far (October and November) but very good content in my opinion.
    I also subscribed to Feel Unique box which meant to be really good. I will be getting it in December so will post here what I've received :)

    Thanks for your comment.
    Sylwia x

  3. Sylvia i also subscribed feelunique, i'm so excited what it will be including:) i've got two boxes from glossybox, quite nice product:)
    You're polish ?

  4. I'm excited too! :) I've seen some of the previous boxes and they looked amazing!
    Yes I am Polish :)

  5. but feelunique"s beauty box is starting from beggining of December isn't it? You 've got it allready?

  6. I have seen some blogs with Feel Unique box posts in November. I think it started in October but they didn't expect such huge demand and they've created waiting list. So a lot of us (me and you including:)) will be getting our first one in December.

  7. i see so that's why it's delay, but i'm waiting with big curiosity


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