Monday, 31 October 2011

Carmine box October 2011

I received my first Carmine sample box on Thursday and I can't even tell you how excited I was to open it. It was like Christmas! I fell in love with the idea of sample boxes and decided to subscribe to box too. Unfortunately they had a massive demand and my first box will arrive in December :( But back to the Carmine box.

What's a Carmine box?
5 hand-picked products delivered each month, from make-up to skincare to fragrance. Deluxe product miniatures (you know, the generous size) in seductive packaging.
£10 per month + £2.75 p&p with cancel anytime subscription. All boxes are delivered by the 10th of each month.
For who?
For girls who love to discover and try out new brands and products. If you like to have a total control over what you buy and have all time favourite products which you hardly ever change then this isn't for you.

First of all I really like stylish black cardboard box. It looks nice and it's very well made and will definately be great for storage. I already have lots of ideas on what I'm going to store in them (my crafting stuff, nail varnishes, back up products etc).
Along with the products there was a lovely card with product description and 2 discount vouchers for full size products. To my surprise I received 3 full size products which I think is incredible. I will be trying all of these out soon and will let you guys know what I think. I will try to combine testing those out as well as carrying on Project 10 Pan. So bear with me on that one!

Also on the website there is more info and tips about the products plus possibility of purchaising full size items.

My box content:
*Balance me super moisturizing hand cream 30ml
*Caudalie Sorbet Face Cream 10ml
*Trind nail repair 9ml (full size!)
*The Balm Frat boy blusher 8.5g (full size!)
*Daniel Sandler Eye Delight in Peach (full size!)

Do any of you like the idea of beauty sample boxes?

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