Monday, 31 October 2011

Brush collection - Blending brushes

Hello everyone!

This is part 2 of my short guide to eye brushes. I am going to show you what brushes I like and what I use them for. Remember that there is so much choice out there you can easily find not so expensive brushes that perform briliantly. Try to experiment and you might find completly different purpose for your brush than what it was originaly designed for.

I bought this Lancome no 17 brush on ebay. I don't remember how much it cost but I am not sure if it is genuine. This brush is very harsh and I don't use it too often as I find it scratches my eyelid. However it is very useful when it comes to blending stubborn eyeshadows.

Sigma Small Tapered E45. This brush is dense and pointy. It is perfect for contouring the eyelid. Pick up some of matte brown shadow (shade depends on your skin tone. Lighter for light skin tones and darker for darker skin tones) with the tip of the brush and use windscreen wiper motions to blend the shadow in the crease. Point of the brush will apply the shadow and middle part will blend it.

ELF Blending Brush, Sigma SS224, Ecotools. They're all soft, medium density and dome shaped brushes. Perfect overall blenders.

Crown IB119 Deluxe Crease and S225 Shadow Crease. These two brushes i bough on crown website. I have to say they are not what I was expecting. Both if them are too soft to blend anything. Hairs are lovely to touch but shape is too big for my crease and as I mentioned it's is almost impossible to blend anything. I did find a use for them thou. They come in handy for applying powder over undereye concealer or light application of eyeshadow over whole lid.

Mac 217 and Sigma SS217. Mine and many other make up fanatics favourites. They are practicly the same brushes and off course Sigma is cheaper. It is possible to achive whole eye make up with just that one brush. It's dense enough to apply shadow like a shader. It's soft but bristles are densly packed so it blends perfectly. And also size is brilliant for outer corner shadow application and blending. If you're starting out with make up I recommend getting this brush as your first blener and you probably won't need any other one.

Hope this was helpful and enjoyable
Love Sylw xxx

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