Tuesday, 25 October 2011

October Haul

Hello everyone!

First of all I wanted to apologise for not posting what I packed for my trip. I didn't have much time to get everything ready and my flight was early morning.
I don't think what I took beauty wise was good example on how to pack anyway. As always I took too much and didn't use half the stuff. I will try to be me organized next time and not only pack light but also make a post about it.

Now about the haul. I had a few things to buy in mind before I went and tried to stick to it. Obviously I got a couple unplanned bits but overall I didn't spend too much :)

Even thou I don't need yet another face cream I picked up Clarins Energizer Moisturizer. My skin has been very dull, gray and tired looking lately so I'm looking forward to try this out.
I bought Benefit creaseless shadow to create quick going out smokey eye when I'm in the rush. I'm hoping to try this out on the weekend. It's a dark black/navyish colour.

Catrice cosmetics and Max factor mascara
I have heard a few good things about this German brand. I haven't tried any of these yet but so far good scores for price (none of them were more than £4) and packaging (sleek and stylish).

*Light reflecting concealer 030 Rosy Beige
*Absolute Eye Colour Eyeshadow 130 Sitting On A Volcano
*Gel EyeLiner 020 It's Mambo nr.2
*Made To Stay Cream Eyeshadow 040 lord of the Blings
*Ultimate Colour Lipstock 010 Be Natural
*Nail Lacquer 200 From Dusk To Dawn
*Nail Lacquer 410 Pool Party At Night
*Nail Lacquer 040 Petit Four As Dessert

My friend also recommended to me Max Factor 2000 Calories mascara (£5.10 on offer). I have tried it and love it! I would say it creates less dramatic effect than False Falsh but seperates lashes beautifuly and doest not clump at all.

Maestro Brushes
I have been using these brushes for the past few days. Some I love and some are not special at all. Review coming up.

Cetaphil (£7.40)
Pharmaceris Cleansing Foam (£6)
These two are waiting in line to be tested :)

Hope you enjoyed my haul guys. I will keep you updated on how my purchases are performing.
Sylw xx

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