Thursday, 3 November 2011

Boots Vitamin E eye cream review

I was on the lookout for a non expensive moisturizing eye cream for quite a while now. I noticed most eye creams are targeted on reducing fine lines. I don't need anti-wrinkle cream and didn't want to spend a lot of money for a simple moisturizer. I am firm believer that moisturization is the best wrinkle prevention and it's better to be safe than sorry :)

I came across this little tube in boots about a month ago. I have been using it everyday since and have to say that it is everything I have been looking for in an eye cream.
It is light, creamy and blends really smoothly which is important because you don't want to drag the delicate skin around your eyes. At first I thought it was tinted as it's beige-y colour but that's not the case. I haven't got dark under eye circles but there is a bit of discolouration in my outer corners. After using this cream for about 4 weeks I noticed to my surprise that this bit of darkness is gone. In my opinion it is as good for the night as for the day. In the mornings it instantly brightness my eyes and makes me look awake. Plus I didn't notice it causing any problems with my make up during the day. Extra brownie points for SPF 15 and price which is only £2.54.

I did have a look on the boots website and I am not the only person giving this eye cream 5 stars. There is around 20 reviews on the web all giving top marks to this little guy.

Sylw xx

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