Tuesday, 29 November 2011

FratBoy Shadow/Blush and Daniel Sandler Eye Delight review - October Carmine box

It time to review make up items from October Carmine beauty box.

The Balm FratBoy Shadow/Blush:
Let my start with packaging. Adorably vintage looking and very practical! Easy to open and close with a magnet with a  mirror inside. Great to travel with as it's made out of cardboard so there's no worry that it will break.
As for product itself I love it! It's a dirty peachy/pink colour. It can be used as a blush or an eyeshadow. Althou I'm not really a pink eyeshadow person I tried it out and it actually looks nice! It's well pigmented and blends easily. The same thing when using it as a blusher. Creamy texture and easy to control when appling onto the cheeks. I think this colour would suit every skin tone out there.

Daniel Sandler Eye Delight Peach:
If I was going to describe this is one word it would be Shimmery Shimmer. Ok, that's two words but one Shimmer doesn't emphasise enough how shimmery this is. I didn't think I would ever need this much sparkle on my eyelids.
I did try it few times and found a perfect purpose for it even for a day time!
First I applied it on my entire lid and it was to light, too shiny and too much. Then I tried it as a cheek highlight and again too much sparkle. Finally I used it as a inner eye highlight and Bingo! Looks soo pretty. It opens my eyes and gives my eye make up that bit of extra something. I even used it in my inner corner without putting any eyeshadow on my lids and it instantly made me look awake and brightened  my face.
One thing to remember is to apply it with a light hand. Otherwise you will end up with way too much product and your face will look like it went to Shimmer Town.

I wouldn't go all the way pink normally but overall it doesn't look bad at all!

                                                           Eye Delight in Peach and Frat Boy

Hope you enjoyed!

Sylw x

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