Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Dax Cosmetics Perfecta Spa Chocolate & Coconut Sugar Body Scrub

Dax Cosmetics is a Polish brand offering skin, body, hair care and make up.

My first and only product from their range is Chocolate & Coconut Sugar Body scrub. I bought this purly because I needed a body scrub and chocolate mixed with coconut sounded like a yummy combo.

I was not wrong when I smelt it! Scent of this scrub is devine! I have to stop myself from eating it everytime I use it! I also find this scent very relaxing and I'm not exaggerating when saying it makes me feel happy.
The product itself it great too. It is a sugar scrub which means exfoliating particles will melt while rubbing them into the skin. Unlike some other sugar scrubs I've used there is enough time to gently and slowly massage the skin before the particles dissapear. It has thick consistency and a lot of exfolitating bits so you don't feel like there is not enough to evenly scrub the skin.

After each use my skin was left soft, smooth and smelling amazingly. I didn't even have to use a body moisturizer after using it because it leaves lovely layer of... I wanna say oily but it's not oily or greasy by any means... let's just say it leaves layer of moisturizing loveliness on my skin :)
Overall I am giving top marks to this product. Cost is only £4 for big tub of 225ml. For comparison Body Shop scrub costs £12.50 200ml.

There is a big minus thou :( It is not accesible in the UK. But if you have a Polish friend I am sure they won't mind picking one up for you next time they're visiting Poland :)

Next thing I am going to try from this brand is Body butter which for what I can hear is as good as the scrub.

Any of you guys tried products from Dax cosmtics brand? Any woth recommending?

Dose of randomness:
*Katy Perry concert was amazing! I could go again in no time!
*My lips have been dry for the past month :( I think I've tried every existing lip balm and no difference :(
*Only 3 weeks until my mobile upgrade. Whoop whoop! Khm ...what should I get?
*I have worked out a little book reading system. One scary book and one light, funny book taking turns :)
*Sudocrem saved me. It got rid of my horrible, red rash in no time.

Sylw x

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