Thursday, 19 July 2012

Random Favourites - Tv Series, Brushes, Gradient nails, Pearls and No7

1.       Monday Evenings – this is the only time when I actually sit down especially for the tv show or rather tv shows. It starts nice and light with The Hart Of Dixie at 8pm, 9pm is darker and twisted with Revenge and it moves onto a proper horror at 10pm The Walking Dead. This is normally the time when I do my nails too – multitasking ;)

2.       Hakuro Brushes – I absolutely love these. They’re synthetic, super soft and blend everything like a dream. Very affordable too, I paid £15 for both of these!  My sister in law got me these from a polish website (I believe Hakuro is a polish brand) so not sure if they’re available in the UK :(

3.       No7 Cleansing Water – only been using this for a few days but already loving it. I use it as makeup remover for the face and that saves Bioderma (that’s the only thing that doesn’t irritate my eyes) just for my eyes. This cleansing water smells very fresh, leaves skin feeling clean and cooled. I love the pump, super handy little thing!

4.       Ombre Nails – so far I’ve done two colour combinations but I will definitely do more. I’m not that into nail art but absolutely love this effect. I don’t remember the last time I was bothered enough to do my nails for an hour cause that’s how long it takes me. It just shows how much I love it ;)

5.       Pearl Earrings – I got these from Absolute Pearls website about two months ago and have been wearing them nearly every day. Very simple and classic, they go with everything I wear! Can’t go wrong with little pearl studs.

What random things have you been enjoying lately my munchkins?

Sylwia x

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