Thursday, 26 July 2012

Abi O BeauBronz Sunless Tanning

In one of my posts earlier on this year I mentioned that I struggled to find a nice self-tanner for my face. It became even harder to hunt one down when I decided to use more natural products.

Someone must have been reading my mind because about three weeks ago I’ve been asked if I would like to try Abi O BeauBronz Natural Tanning Products. So off course I said yes!

There are two products from the range I’ve been using for couple of weeks now and it’s safe to say that my search for a face tanner is over.

Soft Sun Self Tan For English Roses – just like the name suggests this gives light to medium colour to the skin. I’ve got very light complexion and found this colour perfect. It looks very natural and it’s not at all orange-y. It’s a gelish kind of formula but not tinted so needs to be well blended. Saying that, it blends beautifully, it doesn’t sink in too fast nor too slow, gives just enough time to work it into the skin. Another thing I love about it is the scent. It smells of roses! None of that horrible scent most of the tanning products have.

Gadual Tanner To Extend Your Tan – this one didn’t work on my face very well. I didn’t really notice the colour of my tan lingering for any longer than it normally would. I presume reason for that is thorough cleansing I do each night. I use hot cloth cleanser with muslin cloth which does light exfoliation and the gradual tan hasn’t got the time to develop on the skin. This one also smells lovely and has that gelish formula which I really like so I will be using it on my body.

Both products can be used on face or body. I’ve been using it on the face simply because I don’t want to use it up to fast :D But I will definitely purchase a big bottle for my body at some stage :)

Another thing I wanted to add is that none of these products broke me out which has been happening with a lot in the past when I used self-tanners on my face.

You can find the product and lots of advice on tanning on their website or delivery here!)

Sylwia x

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