Tuesday, 24 July 2012

How to prevent your makeup from melting

My skin becomes pretty oily during the summer and it’s a challenge to keep my makeup looking nice and fresh all day.
Over the years I have learnt a few things that help to keep it on for a little longer without melting off my face. Here are my tips and I hope you’ll find them helpful.

Bioderma Anti-Shien Fluid, Clarins Daily Energizer Cream, Garnier Skin Sensitive Moisturizer

*Moisturizer – this is an important part for me.
In the morning I make sure to use light mattifying product designated for oily/combo skin type. I currently use Bioderma Sebium Mat which matifies my skin but doesn’t dry it out. It really is a great base for under makeup. I’ve also been using Clarins Daily Energizer Cream which I found has mattifying properties but again isn’t drying at all, it gives my skin refreshing boost in the morning.
My skin needs a bit more moisture during the night but I still don’t want anything heavy. Recently I’ve been using Garnier Skin Sensitive Moisturizer which is really nice. Moisturizes and soothes my skin after a long day, It doesn’t clog the pores; I wake up looking fresh rather than oily.

Pharmaceris Tinted Moisturizer, Mac Face & Body, Nars Sheer Glow, Hakuro H52

*Foundation – I try to pick one with light formula and coverage. The less there is on the face, the less can melt. I use higher coverage if I need it but I stick to one rule no matter what foundation I’m using: Less is more. I apply thinnest layer possible and buff it in with kabuki type brush. Avoid using your fingers because their warmth will encourage the pores to produce more oil. Above are the products I've been loving recently.

Une Breeezy Cheeks Blush, Stila Convetrible Color, Mac Mineralize Skinfinish, Revlon Matte Lipstick, Natural Collection Moisture Shine (this one is on a matte side).
*Make sure to powder! I’ve been loving Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural for the summer. It doesn’t take away the dewy finish of the foundation and it has pretty good staying power. Use a puff to dab the powder all over your face. This helps it stick to the skin and stay for longer.
*Use combo cream + powder for everything. Light layer of cream blusher, then powder blusher. Cream/liquid eyeliner, then top it up with same coloured eyeshadow. Just remember to apply all of your cream products first and then you powders, things might end up looking cakey otherwise.
*Primers aren’t always the answer. I personally found them useless no matter what kind or brand I’ve tried. I always feel they just add another unnecessary layer to my routine and do nothing. They work for many people but consider putting it away, investing in mattifying moisturizer instead and see if it works better for you. It surly does for me.
*Use matte lipsticks. These guys are saviors in the hot weather. Far less likely to feather out of your lips than shiny lipstick or lipgloss. I feel a lot better without sticky stuff on my lips in blazing sunshine.
*Stay away from highlighters – I know we all want to look fresh and glowy but oily skin will produce enough sebum to give us just that. We don’t want to add any shine to that.

Please leave a comment below if you've got any tips and tricks of your own. I would love to learn more!

Sylwia x

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