Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday Share 04.03

Hello my sweeties!

It’s Sunday! For a lot of you it probably means that the weekend is ending. The weekend is starting for me so yeey to that. I have a few post ideas so I will work on them during my days off.

Today is the day of sharing the love so here are my favorite posts of this past week:

1) Amanda from Beauties in bloom did a review on Maybelline Color Tatto eyeshadows. She got two in Tough as Taupe and Pomegranate Punk. They both such gorgeous colours! Such a shame I can’t get them in the UK

2) Blogging is not only about reading but also about pictures plus inspirations and Erica from Retro Flame shows us all things she loves at the moment. I particularly love the quotes and picture of the mint dress in the old room.

3) Kate Louise writes about something that a lot of us suffer from which is low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Sometimes people seem like they love themselves but really they struggle to survive the day without putting themselves down.

4) I am a new fan of Pinterst. It really is so awesome to create my inspiration and ideas boards. But I also enjoy looking at boards of other people. Arielle showed us hers and Kristen’s boards and I love their simple yet girly and pretty fashion style. Repined loads :D

5) 10 pairs of eye lashes for 99p! All I can say is OMG and thank you so much for sharing this VIPXO!

6) This video is hilarious! I love when people are able to take the piss out of themselves

Love ya
Sylwia x


  1. I'm dying to try some of the Color Tattoos!

    Followed, and I found you on the Monday Beauties Blog Hop! :)


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