Monday, 12 March 2012

Going Natural and Healthy

Slightly personal post today…

Recently I have experienced some bad physical and
psychological changes in myself. I lack energy, keep gaining weight, my skin feels horrible, noticed some weird rash/eczema on my body, I am in a bad mood most of the time… and the list goes on. I have been like this for a few months now and visited a doctor not long ago. He said there is absolutely nothing wrong with me and it’s mostly stress that’s the cause of my problems.

I have had enough of all this and decided it is time for a change. Spring and summer are on its way so this is the best time to sort myself out!

I would like to change three things in my lifestyle. My aim is not just to look and feel good for the upcoming months but to be happy with myself throughout my life.

1) Eat healthier – I don’t eat too much junk food but my overall diet doesn’t include many vegetables or fruits. I like healthy food so I don’t mind including it in my diet. I just need to remember to always have some fruit and veg in my fridge. That way I can snack healthily :)

2) Exercise – I found that physical workout gives me a lot of energy and that is what I need the most. I don’t feel that I need to lose a lot of weight (maybe 4 or 5kg) but I would love to be fit. I don’t want to have dangly bits :(

3) Natural Skincare – I have to admit that I wasn’t convinced at first but I have changed my mind. I don’t have many natural products but the ones I’ve got are my absolute favorites. I know I said that Soap&Glory and Liz Earle HotCloth Cleansers are the same but after long term use I have to admit that my skin was in so much better condition after using Liz Earle one.

I have tried to optimize this lifetime task so that it suits my ‘bad habits’. What I mean by that is, I won’t say ‘I’m not eating anymore sweets’ because that will make me crave it even more. I will try to replace as many sweets by fruit and if I crave a chocolate from time to time I can just have it and don’t feel guilty about it.
I won’t throw away all of my products to the bit either because I’m going natural now. I will use everything I’ve got and be more conscious about ingredients in the next product I buy.

I have a few questions for you, my lovely readers:

1) What music do you recommend for a run/workout/gym ?
2) What keeps you motivated on the days when you just want to lay in bed all day and stuff your face with chocolate? (I’ve had a lot of those lately)
3) What ingredients in cosmetics should I stay away from?
4) What natural brands do you recommend?

Thank you for reading and I can’t wait to read your recommendations!

Love ya
Sylwia x


  1. I'm really pleased that you've decided to analyse your situation and take control to try and improve it. It's really difficult when you feel like things aren't going the way you want them to and a lot of people would just give up and sink into depression.
    1) I would recommend any really upbeat dance music. David Guetta is a good choice. Or look for dance remixes of your favourite songs :)
    2) This is a tricky one because I've been struggling a lot lately. I just think about how disappointed I would be if I stuffed my face. I tend to have other indulgences instead now, allowing myself a duvet day to watch my favourite DVDs and I would usually eat fruit salad because it tastes sweet and is healthy. Also each time you reach a certain goal or feel like you've done well that week... treat yourself to something like a little beauty product or magazine etc :)
    3) I'm not sure about specific ingredients but I have very sensitive skin. L'Oreal makeup has never given me any issues. Unfortunately the cheaper brands, while are good for budget, usually irritate my skin a lot. Coconut ingredients and Aveeno products are good for clearing eczema.
    4) I use Simple a lot! They are amazing and very affordable. They use all natural ingredients. I also like The Body Shop and Lush :)

    Sorry for the huuuge reply I just really liked this post and I hope I've helped.

    Nikki xxx

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I have downloaded David Guetta album and it's brilliant! So dancy and upbeat - perfect for running. I just hope I won't start dancing instead of running :D Althou that burns calories too so why not lol
      It is such a good idea to treat myself to something like a magazine instead of sweets! I never thought of that.
      I have done a little bit of research now on ingredients in cosmetics and there are 3 that are a bit of a controversy. Parabens, Sulfates and alcohol are all harsh chemicals. None of those are natural and can cause allergies/dryness/eczema. Unfortunately Simple advertise themselves as all natural brand but nearly all of their products contain those ingredients! I am just gonna have to try to use only natural products and see if condition of my skin will get better. It's worth a try. I suppose if I just buy what I need I won't mind it being a bit more expensive. I will do an update post on it all in a while :)

      Thank you again for your support xxxx

    2. I'm glad you liked some of the advice I gave you, I was worried I may have overstepped my boundaries lol. That's a shame about Simple, I didn't realise but I haven't had any issues with their products so far. Maybe one of the more expensive brands will help, it's worth the money if it makes a difference :)
      Well if you like dancing I recently started doing Zumba on the Nintendo Wii to try and keep fit, it is really intense though, my legs hurt for days after a session lol it's really fun though but I couldn't take it seriously to begin with I just kept laughing.
      Good luck everything I'm looking forward to your update and I hope it all works out for you xxx

  2. I always listen to David Guetta when I'm at the gym. The days that you just want to lie in bed and do nothing just tell yourself you will feel so much better after going and getting the exercise! I don't really stay away from anything in products but the majority of my cosmetics are bare minerals which feels like I'm not wearing any makeup at all - I love it. As for my skin care I just get a face wash and moisturiser for afterwards and only get the odd break out when I'm having a really bad period. I treat my skin to a £1 face mask when it feels like it could do with a boost.

    Quite a while ago now I was rather depressed and instead of going out and getting pills to counteract it I went running every day before work and incorporated fruit into my diet and after a while I felt amazing. I did however ruin my knee because I got into charity races and it hasn't been the same since so nowadays I'm getting my active high from going to the gym and sticking to the bikes and cross trainers so there is no pressure on my knee.

    I hope this helps

    Sarah x

    1. I am sorry to hear you've hurt your knee. It's good that you can still excercise by doing different things.
      My doctor told me that physical excerice gives us energy and releases soemthing( can't remember what he said now) to the brain that makes us happier :) So like you mentioned I hope that if I keep running and stick with fruit/veg instead of crap food then I will feel better :)
      I still need to do a lot of reaserch on the natural beauty products. There seems to be a lot to it and I guess I have to choose what I am willing to believe in if that makes sense. I will post an update on it in a while :)

      Thank you very much for your comment and support sweetie xxx

  3. They're called endorphins ;) it's the same hormones that are released when you do loads of fun things like eating chocolate or when you get excited about something, (and have sex!). It's basically a natural high! If you eat right and get exercise you will be releasing lots of endorphins and you will feel great - you can also still get it from chocolate as well. A good way of getting your chocolate high when trying to eat a bit healthier is to buy dark chocolate (it's more intense so you'll need less of it to get the hit) and melt it then dip strawberries into it. You won't actually be eating enough chocolate for it to be bad for you and you will still feel the happy chocolate feeling afterwards oh AND eating fruit ;) Good luck, I look forward to your progress :)

  4. Whenever I feel demotivated and just want to stay in bed and eat chocolate all day, I think about how guilty an unfulfilled I feel afterwards. I hate that feeling so it kind of motivates me to get up and do something. I love Beyonce and her music she really inspires me but I guess music wise it's your personal preference...what songs do you jut love love love...make a playlist and work out to it you wont even notice how much time has flown :)....can't wait to hear that you feel better and that you've made progress xx

    I am now following you, please check out my blog and follow back if you'd like i'd really appreciate it :) xx

    1. Thank you for your comment. I love Beyonce too! Some of her songs would be great for a work out.
      I will have a look at your blog do sure xxx

  5. Sorry you're having such a bad time, hope things pick up for you soon and you achieve your goals. I need to set some for myself!

    Emma xo

    1. Thanks sweetie. I am glad I did this post because lovely comments like yours motivate me to work on it all :)


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