Thursday, 8 March 2012

Empties #5

This post is a bit pathetic. I have used up some shampoos, body stuff and a few samples. Not much and not interesting.

I will show you anyway.

* Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner – nice stuff but I found it too much for me nowadays. Since I had my highlights done with a hair color instead of bleach this kind of stuff makes it really greasy.
* Asda Protect Sensitive Mouth Wash – just as good as branded stuff. Repurchased J
* Weleda Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash – click here for the review. Lovely product but I am not prepared to pay around £8 for a body wash
* Lirene Toner For Sensitive Skin  - didn’t dry or irritate my skin. It does what it’s supposed to do but I will buy something different now just because this is only available in Poland.
* Garnier Summer Body Lotion – will buy agin, and agin, and again
J Smells like apricots and gives my skin light tan without faffing about with self-tanners.
* Boots Coconut & Almond Shampoo – I have recently noticed that it doesn’t really matter how much I spend on a shampoo and it works nearly enough the same. This was £1 and worked just fine. Didn’t dry out nor made my hair oily.
* Phyto Express Conditioner – This sample was enough for two uses so I can’t talk about long term results. But I got the impression that this stuff is supposed to make your hair feel super smooth after just one use. I didn’t notice much difference at all in my hair’s smoothness. It states on there to apply it and rinse it off immediately. It boggles my mind little bit because I was always convinced that it takes a few minutes for hair to soak up the goodness from conditioner. What do you guys think?
* Green People Gentle Cleanse – I got 3 or 4 uses out of this and I have to say it’s a really nice stuff. It’s a thick cream consistency so I used it like a hot cloth cleanser with muslin cloth. It costs £15.25 for 200ml which is just a bit more expensive than Liz Earle Cleanse&Polish. I might consider this when all of my cleansers run out J
* Pharmaceris Deeply Moisturizing Face Cream & La Roche-Posay Intensive Hydrating Care – I used these samples when the weather was really cold and my skin suffered from dryness. Both are brilliant. They give instant moisturizing relief that lasts throughout the day. I wouldn’t use it now as it would be too much for me but I recommend it highly for those of you with dry skin.
* Oriflame Beeswax Lip Balm – I’ve had it forever and I think it’s like a year out of date. Nicely moisturizing product but nothing special to me.

Hope you’re all well.
Sylwia x


  1. I love the Garnier Summer Body Lotion, it looks so natural and smells so good unlike some self tanner products!

  2. Love the Garnier body lotion too and it smells great

  3. I always leave my conditioner on for a few minutes before washing it off - have always done it!

    1. yeah, me too. It seems a bit pointless to put it on and wash it off immediately.

  4. Oooh I want that garnier lotion!! Does the coconut and almost shampoo smell good? I imagine those scents together should be divine!:)

    1. It does smell nice but it's a very delicate scent. I wouldn't mind if it was more coconuty :) x


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