Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Favorite Spring Nail Polishes

Nothing evolutionary and surprising here. My favorite colours for spring are pastels. But there is one bright and one dark shade too so I hope this isn’t going to be too boring :)

All of these apart from Inglot polish are cream finish and are completely opaque after two coats. No major problems with application although Minted can be a bit streaky so needs more precise hand to apply.

1) Revlon Minted – It doesn’t look the best against my skin tone on its own and because I have quite big nails it seems 'too much'. But I absolutely loved it just on the tips of the nails French style. It looks very subtle but still very Spring-y. Spring french nails here.

2) Barry M Pale Purple
– It looks exactly how it’s called. It’s not too light or too bright. Perfect lilac. I like this one the best out of the bunch. I always get lots of compliments when wearing this colour.

3) Inglot 972 – This is a bit difficult to describe. It’s not peach and it’s not pink... Oh, oh! I know! It’s a salmon colour! It has a subtle pearly finish but nothing that would make smudges on the nail. I’m happy with two coats but three wouldn't hurt either to get slightly more intense effect.

4) Barry M Coral – So Mr. Barry’s imagination didn’t really go too far when coming up with these names. But apart from being boring they are very accurate. This is a true coral! Somewhere between red and orange, this shade seems to be perfect for my skin tone. I think this is the only bright polish I wear on my hands.

5) Nails Inc. Hampstead Heath – Here we’ve got deep raspberry colour that I find perfect for my toe nails. I got this polish with a magazine and thanks to it I steered away from red on my toes which used to be the only thing I put on them. This actually looks pretty opaque with only one coat but creates more depth with two.

What are your favorite polishes for spring? Are you a bright or pastel lover?

Sylwia x


  1. These all look lovely :)
    Is it weird if I say you have great nails haha?

    Laura xoxo

    1. I wouldn't say that it's weird :D and thank you :) They are really big and lately growing like crazy so I must be doing somethig right lol
      Thanks for your lovely comment Laura xxx

  2. All lovely shades. I'm really into minty greens at the moment but the Barry M coral shade looks nice too. Might add that to my wishlist. :) x

    1. Barry M Coral is a lovely varnish overall. It's a very good quality for the price and looks lovely on the toes too :) x

  3. Just bought Revlon minted, and I'm obsessed! Wonderful polishes :) I found you on the blog hop, and I'm now following :)


    1. Thank you sweetie! I am obsessed with mint colour :D I bought a clutch bag and a scarf to go with my polish ha ha :D xxx


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