Saturday, 4 February 2012

Taking care of skin around eye area

Last post in the skin care series! I am hoping this was at least little bit enjoyable and helpful. Now onto the eyes! Or skin around the eyes rather.

We all know how delicate that area is. That’s where we notice first wrinkles (hopefully not for a long time thou!), where we get puffiness and dark circles when we need sleep. It needs special, gentle care. You can get an eye cream specially formulated for your needs and problems. Brightening for dark circles; energizing for puffiness; anti-wrinkle for fine lines etc. All that in mind, don’t forget that preventing is always better than treating. So make sure you get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and off course moisturize.
Also make sure not to rub or pull the skin around your eyes! Treat it as gently as possible.

I haven’t really found an awesome eye cream yet. I am still looking for something nicely moisturizing with a reasonable price tag. For some reason eye creams can be extremely expensive and I refuse to pay around £20 for 15ml of product. Let me know if you’ve found any great ones, please!

So this is what I’ve got at the moment:

Boots Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream – I have reviewed this cream here. It’s a great product but unfortunately not moisturizing enough for winter.

Garnier Roll-On
– This is brilliant for those mornings when your eyes need a wake-up call. It really does get rid of puffy eyes. I mean probably for someone who suffers from it really bad it won’t do much. But if you haven’t got a major problem but just need that extra freshness in the morning then this is great.

Superdrug Vitamin E Radiance Eye Cream
– I thought this is just like the Boots Vitamin E cream, just Superdrug version but it is not! It dries really fast into this powdery formula before I have a chance to blend it. And it has lots of goldy glitter in it! I guess it is meant to give that radiance appearance but it doesn’t in my case. I don’t really fancy shiny particles around my eyes in the morning or evening.

The Emu Oil Well Moisturizing Eye Cream
– Forgot to include that in the picture (Sozzzz). This thing is funny. It does moisturize well, it’s not greasy or anything. Yet, something is wrong. I apply it in the evening and skin feels nice and soft. It is a different story in the morning thou. Skin around my eyes is a bit red, eyes often watery and from time to time I get these weird tiny red dots which aren’t spots or anything really. Khm… maybe I am slightly allergic to it? What do you guys think?

As you can see I haven’t really got a good moisturizing eye cream. If I want to stay away from wrinkles I need to find something good because moisturization is the key.

On a different note:

I am a desperate woman now :( I need a haircut and a hair colour! I think my roots are longer than my coloured hair now. It has life of its own, I cannot style it at all.

My hairdresser is not well and she does not know when she will be able to do it all for me :(
I could go to the different salon but I don’t trust anyone. As an act of desperation I think I will have to go somewhere else.
I am soooo looking forward to the new, fresh lovely haircut! Debs! Please get well!

Sylwia x


  1. I've been using the Superdrug Vitamin E eye cream recently. I've never really used one before and people have said about the consistency of this. I don't mind it though, I use it in the day rather than evening before bed though as I like to think its a bit of a primer before make up!

    1. Yeah, it is good for under make-up! I didn't think to include that. I think I will keep it for the warmer weather when I don't need so much moisturization :D
      Thanks for your comment lovely xxx

  2. Thanks for this post, I always forget to use eye cream and I still haven't found one I love. Also I agree with you on how expensive some are, I feel like its just a waste of money especially when im still young!

  3. Great post! I don't use eye cream, but I do ALWAYS use an under eye concealer to brighten up my eyes.
    Maybe you could go to another hairdresser, but not get anything too extreme, just in case! And who knows - maybe you'll find someone really great? :)

    1. You're right! I can't wait any longer! I am going to book an appointment with someone else for next week. Just need to find somewhere reasonably priced as highlights can be very expensive :(

  4. I love that Garnier Roll on eye stuff! It's always so cool and refreshing!:)

  5. I keep meaning to buy an eye cream as mine always look so tired! I think this post has persuaded me :) xxx

    1. Yes yes get some! Something moisturizing with caffeine would be probably perfect for you. xxx

  6. I've been curious to try out the garnier rollers, but someone told me they test on animals, so idk yet - I'm on the fence a bit ;)

    1. It states on the Garnier website that they don't test on animals :)^FAQ^GARNIERBRAND^GARNIERBRAND_T5^GARNIERBRAND_T5_Q12


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