Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Empty magnetic palettes and my too long ramble about them

When my eyeshadow collection started to rapidly expand I have noticed a few practical problems with using them.
I have made many wrong purchases in the past and there are lots of eye shadow colours that I don’t really use. But thanks to that I have learned what I like, what suits me and what I will get the most use out of. And that is why I buy eyeshadows and make-up in general: to use it. I do not collect make-up because of its pretty packaging or because lots of beauty bloggers have it. Yes, you tube and blogs do have an influence on what I buy but I have learnt my lesson and think twice before spending my money.

What I’m trying to say is that having eye shadows in palettes, quads, trios or individual ones can sometimes be a pain. I often like to use shadows from three different pallets and that can take a lot of space.

Before my birthday my mum asked me what I wanted for a gift from her and I came up with a perfect idea. Magnetic empty palette, where I could put a lot of my neglected shadows. I have heard a lot about Z palette but it’s pretty expensive in my opinion. Then I remembered about DigitalGirl on You Tube. She is a Polish girl doing make-up tutorials and recently thanks to you tube she was able to create this magnetic eyeshadow palette. My mum kindly bought it for me and posted it to the UK :)

It’s a good quality, sturdy palette with a strong magnet. This product costs around £6! It’s an amazing price! Unfortunately I don’t think there is international shipping available at the moment. But… if you’ve got a Polish friend or colleague ask them to get this for you when they visit Poland. It’s such a great space saver and I can see many of my shadows at once now :)

I have depotted eyshadows from Urban Decay Book Of Shadows II into this palette. Urban Decay have a lovely and very creative packaging but it’s totally unpractical.
If you want to know how to depot your eyeshadows just  go to You Tube. They have lots of great tutorials on how to do it.
I also found this awesome video on how to fix a broken eyeshadow. I obviously did brake some in the whole process.

My mum also surprised me and got me this small version of magnetic palette from Inglot. This will be perfect for traveling. Inglot is a Polish brand which recently opened a few shops in America and the UK so it is a bit more accessible. They have a website but I couldn’t find this particular palette there :( So I don’t know how much it costs.

Just wanted to add one more thing :D You can obviously keep blushers, bronzers etc. in these palettes too. I just like to keep them in the compacts. It’s easier to use them that way because I don’t need a few colours of blush or bronzer for one make-up look if that makes sense :)

I wonder how many times I used word eyeshadow in this post? Any of you like this type of palettes or do you prefer to keep your eyeshadows (again) in its original packaging?

Sylwia x


  1. I totally agree with you that single shadow take up way too much space! I might have to look into these types of palettes. Great post :)

  2. i LOVE this idea! I'd never heard of this before! What a genius item!! Sadly, I know no one in Poland. You're about as close as I get to that lol.

    1. I will get it for you next time I'm in Poland :) Don't know when that's going to be but I will remember for sure xxx

    2. You are so sweet! We'll do a swap then, and I'll send you anything you want from the US ;)

    3. Uh oh! Awesome! I'm excited already :D x

  3. Amazing idea! I have tons of eyeshadows that I don't use. Now I know what to do about them. :)


  4. I;ve never heard of this!! This is a great idea will have to get over to Poland. Thanks for sending me your link through twitter. Now following, look forward to your future posts chick! xx

  5. I found you via Blog Hop. I always love finding UK bloggers. I have a Z palette. They are very expensive (for what they are) here in AUS ~$30 for the regular sized one. These look a good alternative.


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