Monday, 20 February 2012

Sunday Share 20.02 (or Monday in today’s case)

Hello my lovelies!

Yesterday I have been catching up on reading blogs I’m following and came up with an idea. It’s not entirely my own idea because I have seen this type of thing done on some other blogs but I hope no one will mind me coping them a little bit.

I am following so many awesome beauty and fashion blogs that I thought I need to share the love and tell you guys about them.

Every or every other Sunday I will share blog posts that I found interesting, funny or helpful. So this still will be my kind of style and taste but written by other bloggers.
I am also a big fan of you tube. I have learnt so much from there. So I will also post a link to a video that I really enjoyed watching.

I really appreciate what beauty you tubers and bloggers are doing and I am so glad to be a little part of it all.

Ps. I know today is Monday but I was a bit lazy yesterday :D I didn’t want to wait another week before posting this so decided to do it today. Enjoy!

1) Bourjois launched a pop up boutique in London to go along with the start of the Fashion Week. Unfortunately I couldn’t go but really wanted to! Milly from Pearls & Poodles attended on a Thursday and posted some awesome pictures from the event.

2) Makeup Savvy did a great review on Rose & Co Salves. I do love lip balm and I’m really tempted to purchase these now!

3) Very lovely Kristen from Glitter, Gloss and Glaze did a post on Facebook Friends. It’s a part 5 of her Friendship series. I found the whole series very interesting and so similar to my own opinions and experiences.

4) Tereza did a very cute and sweet post about couple of products from MUA on her Cityscape Bliss blog. Affordable and what looks like good quality products.

5) I recently unsubscribed from both beauty box companies. There was nothing wrong with them but I just got bored with it and decided to spend the money on products I actually crave for. Buy now, blog later is one of the first blogs I started to follow and still a favorite. Laura did an interesting post about the whole beauty box trend. I have a very similar view on it all.

6) Sometimes it’s very hard to find a review of a product that is completely crap. Many people say that if they don’t like something it’s not worth featuring. But I think if these were done then people could save some money on buying it. And maybe company that made the product would realize that they need to improve it. I know everyone is different and likes different things but I really like watching videos like this one by MissChievous about products she regrets buying. Can be very helpful.

Sylwia x


  1. Oh, Sylwia! This is a GREAT idea!! Thanks so much for sharing me on here:) I'm definitely gonna check out some of the other links you put! LOVE THIS!!

  2. love your blog, im a new follower ... hope you can visit / follow my page sometime :)


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