Thursday, 2 February 2012

Face Masks and Free Mascara

I am not going to lie here and say I use face masks once or twice a week as recommended. I don’t because:

1) I forget
2) I can’t be bothered
3) I don’t have time for it

I do use them on my ‘relax days’ and when I feel my skin needs that extra something. It’s important where and when to apply the face mask. Back in college when I was practicing mini facials I was taught that you’d get most benefits from face mask when relaxing in lying position and with a steam directed on the face. Nice hot bath comes to mind. If you don’t like baths then don’t do it when taking the shower. The key here is relaxation so it’s better if you just lie down on the bed, close the eyes, forget all the troubles and let the mask work its magic. It should be left on for about 15/20 minutes.  If mask disappears from your face then you know skin needed that hydration.

I currently have two face masks that I picked up some time ago in beauty supply store.

Hydrating – my skin is normal/combination so I don’t really need to use this one much. It helps my skin during the winter thou. It did get colder in the UK lately and skin on my whole body definitely feels it. It needs extra hydration and I think I’ll have a little hydrating session this weekend :)

Cleansing – just another cleansing product for oily part of my face (chin, nose, forehead)

Soap&Glory Free Mascara:

If you want to try something from Soap&Glory make-up range then run to the store and get yourself a copy of Elle magazine. It comes with free full size Thick And Fast Mascara. I don’t normally buy Elle but I thought  I can’t go wrong with seriously thick copy of a fashion magazine + free mascara for £3.90. I have to say thou I didn’t expect first 120 pages to be fashion adds! I enjoy looking at the pictures and the trends but jeeeez. Anyhoo, I hope mascara will turn out to be nice :) I will let you know for sure.

It’s Friday tomorrow! Have a great day!

Sylwia x


  1. I am going to get Elle tomorrow now :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. I have so many mascaras I need to use up but might have to pick elle up because thats a really good deal :)

    1. ha ha they know how to lure us into buying stuff that we don't need :D x

  3. Thanks for the tip on how much a mask disappears shows that your skin is dehydrated! That is something I didn't know! <3


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