Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Protect That Screen

December was a month of new gadgets for me. I was finally up for a mobile upgrade and picked Smasung Galaxy SII. Also received amazing Kindle for my birthday from my lovely boyfriend.

Samsung’s screen is apparently non-scratchable so I was just shoving it into my handbag without any hesitation. Then my boyfriend got an upgrade, went for Samsung mobile too and guess what? It scratched. I started to look into a nice cover. There are so many pretty, bling-y, cute iphone style covers out there. I mean, who wouldn’t want Rabbit Phone Case??? But I decided to be sensible and bought something more practical. I got my purple slide out sock type thing from amazon for silly price of £1.50. This particular one isn’t leather but it’s fairly soft. I feel that it will definitely protect my phone for the next 2 years (that’s how long my contract is :/). It’s also very easy to use – just pull the thing-y on top and your mobile is ready to use.
Story with Kindle is similar. I needed something to protect it from scratching in my handbag. There are two more purposes for it. When it just sits on my bedside cabinet it gets really dusty and Scratchy the cat keeps walking all over it. I got this black leather cover from Amazon too for £7.50. Amazon sells original one with a lamp for about £50 but I don't feel any need for such an expensive cover. The one I got is well made and does its job.

Other bits:

I mentioned several times that I do not need any more skincare products in my life at this point. I was so good for a while and then Terri blogged about Benefit Radiant Skincare Set. It ended up in my Asos basket within minutes. I am looking forward to trying this out. While we are on Asos subject I would like to give it a little praise. I have ordered a dress and this little set on Saturday with free delivery up to 10 days. It arrived today! How amazing is that? Dress is beautiful too, by the way.

Mobile game update - very disappointed with Tiny Tower. I had 16 floors and it crashed. I am not starting again! I am also stuck on Angry Birds. I just can’t go any further. I suppose this should give me some spare time I could fill up with reading or blogging...
Is it sad that I miss those games?

Hope you're all well and enjoyed reading my random post :)

Sylwia x


  1. Try save the pencil!!! - It is such an addictive game! :p xx

  2. If you don't mind cheating, there are walkthroughs for Angry Birds on youtube! It's the only way I could finish it (really sad, I know).
    Your phone case is a gorgeous colour :) xxx

    1. I don't mind cheating :D Will check out you tube for sure (I will be sad too ha ha)

    2. I was just gonna suggest the same thing! That was the only way I got through Angry Birds was watching the YouTube videos of how to pass the levels that were too hard for me... lol


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