Monday, 4 June 2012

Summer Smart in White Shirt and Coral Skirt

I’ve recently noticed lack of some basic clothing items in my wardrobe and I’ve been gradually trying to fill in the gap.

One of the items was surprisingly hard to find. Talking about a classic white tailored shirt. I had a few requirements and after a long search I found a piece that delivered them all and more:

1) White
2) Tailored
3) Long enough to tuck into trousers/skirts
4) At least 95% cotton
5) Long sleeve that can be folded up
6) Fun collar

Shirt is from and I think £25 is not bad considering the quality (very good by the way) and the fact it’s a timeless classic item out of which I will get a lot of wear.

The skirt is from H&M Conscious Collection just like the blazer I got last month. Serves a good cause and it’s gorgeous! Fabric is very soft and lace looks very nice. It’s more coral than pink shade and it brightens up that smart office outfit. It comes in a nude colour too but I found it little bit dull looking. Lace design was lost on the skirt because the lining was the same colour. Whereas coral lace and nude lining complement each other perfectly.

Shirt – asos here
Skirt – H&M here
Bag – H&M here
Shoes – nude sandals I will show soon (if the weather will improve)

Hope you’re having an awesome Jubilee weekend!

Sylwia x


  1. I so love that skirt! I even tried it on in the shop but didnt look as good as it looks on you, really suits yu:) xx

    1. Thanks sweetie! It was my mum who actually pointed it out to me and got me to try it on :)
      Hope you're enjoying your time at home xxx


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