Thursday, 21 June 2012

I finally found my perfect hair care routine

I seriously don’t remember the last time I repurchased the same bottle of a shampoo and conditioner. I couldn’t find anything that would work the way I wanted. I was about to agree with the fact that my hair will never look the way I want them to, when I found out about going sulphate free.

My initial reason for picking up sulphate free shampoo was suffering from itchy scalp. You can read my post about getting rid of the problem here.
After seeing great results I went all natural with my hair care and I couldn’t be happier!

I feel like I need to mention that my hair has been highlighted with bleach about 3 times before it started to literally break. It looked more like hay than hair for quite a while. About 6 months ago I started to highlight it (well…my hairdresser did) with blond hair colour. It’s been done twice now and its condition improved a lot but I still have pretty dry ends where bleach is coming through.
I realize this is not for everyone but if your hair is naturally quite light (so colour will stick) and you like more golden blond then this is definitely healthier option.

1) Naked Body Building Shampoo – I shampoo my hair twice each time I wash them with this fella. It lifts the hair at the roots and gives lovely volume that lasts for about two days (on quite greasy scalp like mine). It smells herbal-y –pleasant and subtle. It doesn’t foam as well as normal shampoo but I got used to it pretty quick.

2) Naked Conditioner – at the moment I’m using strengthening one but decided to try hydrating just to have a comparison. I use it only on the ends of my hair to avoid putting weight on those just volumized roots ;)
I always feel like my hair eats it up cause there is hardly any left when it comes to rinsing it out. I’m guessing that’s a good thing!

3) Naked Leave-in Conditioner – I rub grape sized dollop of this goodness on towel dried hair and leave in for about 10/15 minutes to absorb. It protects my hair from the heat styling and breakage.

4) Avon Advance Techniques Dry Ends Serum – I use this from time to time when my ends are particularly dry looking. I rub tiny bit into ends of my hair and it makes them look shiny and healthy. I try not to use it too much as it contains silicones which stick to the hair surface and ultimately puts weight on them.

5) Comb, Brushes – wide tooth comb for wet hair after washing -
doesn’t pull out as many as regular brush. Tangle Teezer for everyday brushing – due to lack of silicones and other smoothing chemicals hair becomes tanglier so this tool is a necessity. Round brush for styling – I dry my hair with head upside down for a while and then take sections and smooth them with this brush.

Before I developed this routine my hair was greasy looking, flat, dull and dry. I was never happy with it – everyday was a bad hair day! Now I look in the mirror and actually think that my hair looks nice! Such an improvement! I also use coconut oil as a hair mask from time to time just like I mentioned in my previous post.
This routine won’t work for everyone but you need to stick with it for 2-3 months to see the full effect it can have on your hair.

Naked Hair Care is cruelty free and 97% natural (no parabens, sulphates, silicones or any other crap!). Plus packaging is fully recyclable ;)

Sylwia x

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