Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My favourite uses for Coconut Oil

Long time no see my lovelies!

I could go on about how busy work was, how I’ve been suffering horribly with hay fever and how guilty I felt for not posting anything… But I won’t so let’s just get right onto the interesting stuff ;)

I was a bit skeptical at first and didn’t really think all these natural oils and remedies are worth the hassle. But since I really want to live healthier I thought I have to at least give it a try. I bought a tub of Coconut Oil and tried a few super simple things to see if it’ll help condition my body.


It’s amazing!

Coconut oil is a solid texture so it needs a bit of warmth to melt. Not too much thou cause it will lose its nutritional value.

So here's what I use it for:

1) Hair mask – approximately once every two weeks I slightly warm up two spoonfuls of coconut oil and rub it into the ends of my hair. I twist the hair, pin it on top and leave for about 20-30 minutes. Then I wash and style my hair as normal. What’s so amazing with coconut oil is that it doesn’t just make your hair soft and smooth until the next wash. It actually moisturizes your hair to the core improving overall condition and appearance of them.
If your hair is dry all over, don’t be afraid to use coconut oil on the whole length. Just remember that hair close to your scalp may look greasy even after two washes.

2) Body scrub – this is so easy to make! All you need to add to the coconut oil is sugar or salt. Warm up the oil just slightly and add salt for more invigorating (you can use sea or table salt) exfoliation or sugar for more gentle scrubbing. You can use essential oils like lavender or vanilla (or whatever you like!) for a lovely scent but this is completely optional.
Please remember to be careful in you bath when you scrub away! Surface will be slippery with all the oils…

3) Body moisturizer – this is an option for those girls (or boys) with dry skin. I suffer with very dry skin on my legs and use coconut oil as a treatment about once a week. It is an oil and it is oily (dah..) so not very nice to apply before getting dressed or going to bed. I spread plenty of it on my legs and arms (these get dry sometimes too) and go exercise or do some house chores. After a while most of it sinks in and it’s ok to have a quick shower to get rid of the greasiness.

4) Cuticle oil – this is really self-explanatory. What’s the point spending money on fancy cuticle creams when you’ve got amazing, natural moisturizer at hand. Rub your finger on the surface of the oil and rub what you’ve picked up on your cuticles.

Remember that there are lots more great uses for Coconut Oil so if you’re curious just google!

I got my massive tub at amazon here but you can easily find it in health stores like Holland and Barrett.

Have a great week guys!  I hope you’ll try coconut oil and let me know how it worked if you do :)

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Sylwia x

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