Thursday, 11 July 2013

Mini random bargain haul

Hi guys!

I don't think I should even call this post a 'haul' as it's only two items :D But I really wanted to share it with you. Reason being, both are bargains and I just got them so you might still be able to purchase if you like.

First is this super gorgeous necklace from Dorothy Perkins. They had quite a few of these chunky ones on 50% sale. All were gorgeous but I settled for mint. I just can't stay away from this colour!
I don't normally wear necklaces of any kind, especially chunky ones. But I've been seeing this kinda thing all over social media. And when my eyes seen something so many itmes, for so long.... it started to grow on me and I caved in :)
I really enjoy wearing it with a simple vest. It gives that pretty accent to the outfit.

Sale + my NUS card (yeey for being a student) = gorgeous necklace for around £5.50

Second item is super random. It's a garden swing! First of all let me say this: I love home bargains! I bought so many good quality things from there. From skincare to.... bathroom cabinets and swing sets.
I couldn't believe it but this was only £65. I will get so much use out of it! So far every single day after work I sat on it and enjoyed cup of coffee. So relaxing and de-stressing. Everyone should have one of these.

Hope you enjoyed my little random post. Let me know if you have or will get any of these items :)

Sylwia x

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