Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tea Tree Oil Goodness

I have learnt by now that expensive fancy products don't always work. It's always worth going back to the nature and trying out simple cheap product. Very often these natural things are multipurpose too.

I've been mainly using tea tree oil on pimples and sweat spots (gross, I know) but recently found out there are so many more purposes for it. Little bottle of this antiseptic goodness costs only around 4 squids. I got mine from Holland&Barret.
Getting back to the spots thou... It is a great antiseptic and will get rid of any spots over night. At least it's been working for me. One thing I've got to warn you about. This oil is very concentrated and strong! You don't want it anywhere near your eyes! I had a spot between my eyebrow and above my eyelid once (super weird place to have a spot). Happily applied tiny bit of oil on the cotton bud and dabbed it on the victim. My eye started to water like crazy and it stung like hell. So please don't make the same mistake and keep it away from your eyeballs. I promise it's save to use around the face, neck and whenever else you need.

Check out this website with 20 uses for tea tree oil. Worth a read! I am going to make the oil/water mold mixture. Mold keeps reappearing in my bathroom (again, gross) and I am desperate to get rid of it for good.

 Sylwia x

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