Sunday, 21 July 2013

Good times in Tenerfie

I realised I never posted any pictures from my holiday in Tenerife. I had an amazing time and I miss that 'no care, no worries' feeling so much. Such good times.
Extreme swimming

View from the room

View from the roof where the pool was

I would love to have own a house there!

Posing lol

We hired a boat and went swimming there

Up in the mountains

Pretty views


Too much shampagne at the sunset


Pina Coladas! Yummy!

I look better in those!

Aren't we cute? lol

Hotel cool area

Looking at the Poker Tournament winner :D


  1. I love seeing people's holiday pictures. I've been to Tenerife quite a few times and like to see different areas I need to visit. It's making me jealous but I've only a couple of months until my holiday, yippee!

    Paula ♥ | xo

    1. I am the same. I love to see different areas and get to know the place a bit better rather than just sunbathe in the hotel. Me and Nick definitely made the most out of the week we've been there. It's a beautiful Island.
      Enjoy your holiday and I hope you'll post some pics on your blog :) x


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