Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Share 15.04.12

Another bunch of lovely blog posts. Enjoy the read.

1) I would like to thank Cat for the post about smoothies from her Fitness Fridays series. I am so bored with cereal it'ss unreal but I always thought that smoothies involve a lot of work and effort to make. As it turned out that is totally not the case and I will definitely be trying them out for my breakfast.

2) The Sunday Girl reviewed absolutely gorgeous blush from Mac called Immortal Flower. I adore this colour and I think it would really suit my skin tone. My only worry is that it might be to sheer for my colouring. What do you guys think?

3) Thanks to Skin Scrubs and her Kleenex facial cloths review I know I will definitely stick to the regular cotton pads. Sometimes the simplest things just cannot be improved.

4) Remember when I did My Favorite Spring Nail Polishes post? I said I really like Revlon Mint but it can look a bit much on my nails. I think I will be trying Essie Absolutely Shore as it’s a more muted version of mint. Thank you for shearing Lilit!

5) I am in the process of changing my skin and body care at the moment. Molly wrote a guest post on Love Lust & Fairy Dust on Dr. Hauschka Radiant You Regime. I am really intrigued and will be trying some of the tips from the post. I would also love to try Dr. Hauschka products but like I mentioned few times before I have to use up everything else I’ve got first. This will take a while…

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend my lovelies!

Sylwia x


  1. Found your awesome blog from Blog Hop, new follower of yours.

    Visit my blog when you have time, appreciate it!

    1. Thank you muchly darling. Hope you enjoy reading my rambles :)
      I shall have a browse at your blog x


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