Monday, 2 April 2012

Mints and Lilacs

Thankfully weather predictions were totally wrong this weekend and it didn’t snow or rain. It was sunny and bright but temperature definitely went down a few degrees and the chill was in the air.

I thought this kind of weather is perfect for my new pastel clothes. If you can’t tell already I became obsessed with pastels, especially mint and lilac so I was dying to wear my new wardrobe additions out.

I found this scarf on and instantly saw it going with lots of my clothes this season. It has a multicolored psychedelic flower pattern. At first I was a bit disappointed that mint shade is a more of darker and brighter version of my clutch but I realized that it actually is a good thing. Because pastels can be a bit blunt this adds that famous ‘pop of color’.

Blazer is from H&M and it’s a boyfriend relaxed style. It only has a lining in the sleeves which makes it perfect for the chilly evenings in the coming seasons as it’s not too thick. I think it will look great with summer dresses or shorts and tee.

Now onto my favorite bit … The clutch! I don’t really think there is much to say about this. To me this is gorgeous! Color, style and size… I just love it so much! I was a bit shocked at myself that I paid £25 for it but I think handbags and shoes are my weakness and I just can’t help myself!

I love how this Barry M Pale Purple nail polish looks against the mint green.

This blazer had a horrible black button which was too much of a contrast against the light cream fabric. I removed it and sawed this mint one on instead :)

Blazer – H&M £19.99 couldn't find it on the website :(
Clutch – Accessorize here
Pumps – H&M here
Scarf – Asos here
Jeans – Top Shop brand but I got them from ebay
Sunglasses – Primark £1

That is me done with clothes shopping for a while now. I also got beautiful Zara skirt which no doubt I will show you in a near future. Only thing I couldn’t find was lilac jeans but I shall keep an eye out.

I hope you didn’t get sick from my pastel obsession!

Sylwia x


  1. Lovely outfit, you look gorgeous :)
    Those sunglasses are amazing, even more so when I saw they were a pound!!!
    Gotta love Primark :)

    Laura xoxo

    1. I know, right? I got one more pair in coral :D
      Thank you for your lovely comment sweetie pie xxx

  2. Love the outfit! The clutch bag is gorgeous!! Xx.

  3. awesome outfit- your nails and scarf are really lovely colours xx

  4. Beautiful outfit, you look so nice!
    I adore that scarf, and these colours really suit you xxx

    1. Thank you sweetie! I think cool tones look a lot better on me than warm :)

  5. You have an amazing blog, I love your style and this outfit is beautiful. You are so gorgeous!
    I am now following you, hope you will visit my blog and return the favor =) Thanks so much!

  6. such a pretty scarf and clutch!

  7. This is such a cute outfit, such pretty colours! you look so lovely! xx


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