Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday Share 01.04

Please don’t get me wrong but I struggled to find something interesting to read on beauty blogs this past week.

I feel like most posts were about new Benefit foundation and Revlon lip butters. Both of those just launched in the UK and I guess they stole the entire spotlight. I also blame the good weather. I do love sunshine and I don’t want it to ever go away but who wants to sit in front of a computer when they can be outside catching some tan ;)

So today I have a bit more fashion and random stuff to share with you.


1) I am looking forward to wearing skirts and shorts but not to getting my white legs out! Solution? Fake tan! Thanks to Paula from La Vida Fresa I remembered I actually already own awesome St. Moriz! Today was my first application but my pale skin needs a few more to be ‘outing approved’.

2) Just a whole load of pretty pictures on Ellie’s Blog :)

3) Just read this and you will laugh your head off! BDP WORLD on a tampon issue! I absolutely agree with her by the way!

4) Another lipstick I need in my life is Coy by Top Shop. All that thanks to Style so Coy blog :)

5) I love Julie’s style. It’s quite simple but I would never think of putting the outfits together like she does. T-shirt with a pencil skirt? Yes please! Sincerely, Jules here.

6) For a You Tube video I picked Emily Noel’s Self Confidence talk part 1. She is an amazing spokesperson and I think her confidence series will be very helpful for my and a lot of other girls out there.

How was your weekend my darlings?

Sylwia x


  1. Aww thanks for this Sylwia, found this post through an influx from your site. Glad you found it again! It is amazing! Xx


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