Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Get the Bronze on!

Ah, the (in)famous fake tan. When handled with precaution it can make you look gorgeous but if you’re not careful… we all know how that can end!

I personally like a bit of bronze all year round. My skin in naturally very pale and a lot of redness is coming through it. I hate how every spot or scratch goes extremely red and visible on my body and leaves horrible scars afterwards. Tan – whether real or fake, masks skin imperfections and gives me a bit more confidence to get that skin out ;) I always try to make it look as natural as possible and keep the colour sun-kissed (lol! I couldn’t help myself)

Here are my bronzing choices:

1) Boots Soltan Beautiful Bronze Face Cream – not a big fan of this particular one. It doesn’t smell very nice and clogs my pores :( I have been mixing it with my regular day cream because it feels really heavy on its own. That way it acts like a day time gradual tanning lotion. I didn’t like how my skin felt in the morning when I applied it before bed and I felt like washing my face took it all of anyway.
2) Boots Soltan Beautiful Bronze Shimmering Lotion – this doesn’t smell too good either but it’s from the same brand as the face one so this was expected. I would not recommend this for all over body usage. There is some serious sparkleness going on inside of that bottle. It’s nice to use on the legs before a special night out. I think it would look too shiny during daytime especially with sunbeams hitting it. Formula is a bit dry but quite easy to blend.
3) St. Moriz Tanning Mousse – I highly recommend this product! Very easy to blend, gives lovely looking tan plus it smells quite nice. I use it all over my body about once a week.
4) Lirene Gradual Bronzing Balm – I am a big fan of these gradual tanners in general. They usually are moisturizing enough so I don’t have to use regular lotion and give subtle colour to the skin. This one smells awful and formula is really thick and gloopy. My favourite one is from Garnier which I am going to repurchase after using this one up.
5) Pretty Poly Natural Tan Leg Bronzer – I had these two PP products for quite some time now and I never used them. I have no idea why because they are brilliant! I tried them out on my legs just before writing this post and I can’t believe how good they look. One in the tube is basically a liquid bronzing makeup for the legs. It’s super easy to blend and washes off with soap and water. One in the compact is like a bronzing shimmer to add that extra shine to the legs. I applied it just on the top of my legs where the bone is. Sort of like a leg highlighting. I will be definitely using both of these in the spring and summer when getting the legs out ;)
6) Elf Warm Bronzer and Rimmel Sun Shimmer – this is a no brainer. Elf bronzer is shimmery so I use it in the winter time all over my face. I find it looks too shiny when sun hits it in the summer but gives lovely glow during dull winter months. Rimmel one is matte so I use it to contour my face and a bit all over my face and neck with a big brush.

Few more bits:
*Remember to exfoliate regularly to avoid bronzy patches
*If you’ve got dry skin moisturize before applying self-tanner. The colour will be softer but the application easier and you’ll achieve even effect
*I always add a bit more tanner on the legs because for some reason there are always so much whiter looking then the rest of my face
*Any recommendations for a nice face self-tanner?

Hope you’re having a great week so far.

Sylwia x


  1. st moritz is great for the price i like the dark the most :)

    1. Is there different shades? I didn't realize that! x

  2. I suck at applying fake tan, yet still do it, then have to cover it up cause I do such a bad job haha!
    Maybe I need to embrace the pale?
    Great post lovely :)

    Laura xoxo

    1. It does take some practice :) I tried to embrace the pale but ended up looking like a zombie lol People actually were asking me if I'm feeling well :/ So I always like to have a little colour on me ;) x

  3. Ah I love St Moriz! Great tan, so good for the price aswell, not the best smelling, but I'm yet to find one that doesn't really smell.


    1. yes, it's relly dificult to find selftanner that smells nice! It must be something to do with the ingredient they all have to have. x


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