Friday, 30 August 2013

Primark transitional dress

I do love Primark! That shop is crazy. Sometimes I am just shocked by the prices there. I was recently lured into a Primark in Torquay when saw new Autumn pieces. I got a lovely nude blouse for £4! I just could not believe it. Next thing was this lovely pattern dress for £8. I thought it's going to be perfect for the summer/autumn/winter transition. I can still wear it with bare legs and sandals while warm. Then I can just keep adding... cardi... boots.... tights... and so on :) well... not much left to add beside a jacket... but you get the idea.

There is a little problem though. It's a bit tight in the chest area. These are the moments where I wish my boobs were smaller. The material does not have any give or stretch. It fits fine everywhere else but my chest. They had size 12 but zipper was broken so I was stuck with 10 and obviously had to have it there and then.
So I decided not to breathe while wearing it and it all turned out good lol But seriously now, it's not that bad but I wish Primark would sort out their sizing. It always runs a bit small. Every other shop I am dead on size 10. With Primark thou... it sometimes is 10, sometimes 12 and sometimes nothing cause 10 is too small and 12 too big ha ha
Anyone else has that problem or am I just unsizable?

Sandals - H&M probably 2 years ago
Cardi - Car boot 2 weeks ago for 50p (comes from H&M)
Boots - Dorothy Perkins last year

Sylwia x

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