Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Torquay Bank Holiday Weekend

One of the things I am absolutely grateful in my new job are weekends off. That includes Bank Holidays. Since I have started working 8 years ago I have never had a job were I didn't have to work weekends or Bank Holidays. I never had that Friday feeling or long weekend excitement. All that has changed since May and I am enjoying it to the maximum.

I have spent past weekend in Torquay. I have never been in Devon or Cornwall before. I was very surprised (althou I probably shouldn't have been at all) to realise that booking a hotel in a place like that, at a time like that won't be easy. There was NOTHING available. Or rather nothing that wasn't ridiculously priced.
But we went anyway. We arrived there Saturday morning and prospects of finding a room were slim. So we decided to just enjoy the day and go with the flow. I did get a bit miserable when I realised we'll have to spend the night in the car! I didn't mind that so much but it was the next day when I would feel gross! In the end I just relaxed about it and thought 'whatever! we're young, let's do it!'. Then we saw a B&B just by the sea with a sign saying 'Rooms availabe'. I don't think I was ever so happy to take a shower and lie down in bed ha ha
We've spent another day and night in Torquay and had a lovely time. It was a great mini break at the of summer.

Ferris Wheel

A tid bit high and a tid bit scary!

Trying to look sexy... didn't work

Making faces!


Shells (bit gross but still...shells)

Tide was out and revealed the rocks

Got myself a floppy hat :)

How did you guys spend your long weekend if you're lucky enough to have it off?

Sylw x

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