Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Something light and funny please!

I have always been a fan of crime and thriller books. I eagerly read to find out what the spin is or who the murderer is in the book.
But this kind of books can get a bit 'heavy' on the brain. There normally are a lot of characters that names I need to remember. Plot of the story can be long, thick and complicated. Basically what I mean is that sometimes after long tiring day at work I really can't be bother to think hard lol

So I decided to read something light that won't involve a lot of thinking ha ha I'm not big on chick lit type of books so wasn't really sure what else is out there. But one day I had a little rummage thru my friend's books and found three books that were perfect for me. These are stand-up comics biographies. I never read biographies before but figured since these guys are funny on stage, their writing must be funny too.
I wasn't disappointed. I didn't read Stephen Fry just yet but other two were hilarious. Alan Carr especially... this guy just cracks me up... Apart from the funniness thou it was a good insight to their lives before the fame. It showed how much hard work they've put and risk they took into becoming who they are now.
Alan Carr 'Look who it is!'
Michael McIntyre 'Life & Laughing'
Stephen Fry 'The Fry Chronicles'

We all need a bit of comedy and lighthearted humor in out lives. Sometimes it's so easy to get yourself wound up in everyday stressful craziness and forget that little funny story can make us laugh and forget all the troubles for a moment :)

Sylwia x


  1. I am adding these to the 'books to read' list in my iphone straight away!


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