Monday, 7 May 2012

Random Favorites – Bracelets, Lipsticks and My Nephew!

First things first…

Big apologies for not being here for so long! Holiday, work and general life stuff got in the way and I couldn’t find the time to blog. Thank you for those of you who are still with me x

I did miss blogging very much and have a few posts planned so I will hopefully make up for the absence. I decided to ease myself back into blogging by posting my random favorites.

Hope you enjoy!

1) Holiday – it was so great to see my friends and family in Poland. The weather was gorgeous and I took the full advantage of it by going for walks around the lakes, eating ice cream and catching up with everyone. I love this silly picture of me and my nephew Michael. He will be 3 this month and he's at the stage when he asks and says the funniest things. He didn’t want to have a picture taken with me so I tricked him saying I’ve got something to show him by pointing at the camera and snapped a quick photo of us when he was still baffled about the whole situation ha ha

2) Layering bracelets
– I used to was really worried about mixing metals. Like when I had gold earrings everything else had to be gold… But it was restricting me in what I could wear so I got over myself and I don’t care anymore! I love different textures, colors and sizes of bracelets layered together now.

3) Zumba
– couple of my readers recommended going to a Zumba class after reading my Going Natural and Healthy post. I decided to give it a go and I am so pleased that I did! One hour of intense dancing is so much more enjoyable than a cross trainer workout. Time flies by super quick and I think calories burn just as fast ;)

4) Catrice Ultimate Colour lipstics
– I picked another nude lipstick from this brand when I was in Poland and now I regret I didn’t get more! These are super creamy and unlike many other lipsticks I’ve tried they don’t dry my lips out. I have two nude colors Be Natural and The Nuder The Better. Oh! Did I mention they’re super affordable? I believe I paid somewhere around £3 each.

5) The Hunger Games book
– I bet many people are sick of hearing about The Hunger Games but just like most of the world I loved the first book and will be reading the second soon. I really wanted to go see the movie when I finish the book but they don’t play it at my cinema anymore. I will just have to wait for a DVD.

So how have you all been? I am guessing a little bit depressed because of the weather (British peeps)? Maybe if we all put our minds to it and beg for sunshine, it will eventually show its face?

Sylwia x


  1. SYLWIA!!!! I'm so glad you're back and had a great vaca!! Your nephew is adorable!! Zumba is probably one of the best workouts out there! It goes by so much faster than a regular workout (or it seems like it 'cause it's so fun!) I can't wait til you read all the Hunger Games books and we can discuss!! xoxo

    1. Michael is a cutie :)
      I am hoping to catch up with my Goodreads challenge in the next couple of months by reading one book per week. I will let you know as soon as I'll finish The Hunger Games 2 & 3 xxx

  2. Nice to see you back! Your Nephew is adorable!! My friend at work is Polish and has just gone back for 2 weeks and she said the weather is AMAZING. I'm so jealous cos! Haha. xx

    1. Thanks sweetie!
      I thought sunshine would come back to England with me but it didn't :( I can only hope we will get at least one month of proper summer! xxx

  3. OMgosh go you for finally getting around to reading the hunger games lol. I'm still yet to get my hands on it, i think im saving it for a holiday read. Pleased it was good as what everyone says it is hehe xx

    1. I am quite proud of myself for doing it lol It was a really fast read and I've read most of it on a plane to and back from Poland :)


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