Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Concealer collection

How many concealers is too many concealers?

I can’t answer this question but I do like to have a choice when it comes to concealers. That’s not because I love makeup and like to have a little browse in vanity each morning. It’s because each concealer have a different staying power, tone or consistency.

I’d use heavy duty concealer when I’ve got a long day ahead of me or I’d use concealer with dry formulation if my skin feels oily and so on and so on.
No matter what your concealer formula preference is, always remember to stick to certain colour tone coordination. That is using pinky toned concealer to counteract purple (under eye area) and yellow toned concealer for counteract redness (spots, broken capillaries etc.).
I would also recommend using something a bit more moisturizing under the eyes since that’s where we get crow’s feet and we don’t want to help the skin get dry there.

Here are my concealers:

1) Benefit Stick it – it’s very creamy and has a good coverage. Since its yellow toned I use it on spots and around my nose area. I didn’t find it drying and it stays on pretty well throughout the day.

2) Catrice Re-Touch Light Reflecting
– I picked this up in light pinky shade to use it under my eyes. It’s quite thick but easy to blend and it quickly sets into the skin. I’d like to add that I don’t really have dark under eye circles (just very slight discolouration) so I use concealer under my eyes more for highlighting purposes. This one is great for doing just that.

3) Mac Studio Finish
– great coverage but I find this to dry. I can’t apply it around my nose because my skin tends to get dry around there and this concealer increases the dryness. Perhaps would work better for very oily skin types.

4) Soap&Glory Kick Ass
– this one has both pink and yellow toned concealers and translucent powder to set them which is always a bonus. Pink one can be a bit blotchy and doesn’t set as well as the yellow one but overall it’s a good product. I reviewed it here if you’re like to know more about it.

5) Mac Select Cover-up
– this is more of a corrector that a concealer so super heavy duty product. Again I picked this up in pinky shade to use under my eyes but I don’t really need that much coverage. If you suffer with dark under eye circles then you should definitely try this! It blends very well and also adds a bit of highlight which is awesome. Stays on very well throughout the day.

6) Garnier Roll-On
– not much coverage here. I use this on days when I don’t want to wear full face of makeup but need a fresher looking version of myself. Also works great as an added highlight under the eyes on top of another concealer.

I hope this was somewhat helpful my lovelies. Let me know what concealers are worth trying and if you’ve got any rules you always go by when it comes to using a concealer.

I’ve heard Collection 2000 concealer is meant to be awesome. Need to try that next!

Sylwia x


  1. You can never have too much make-up :)
    I haven't tried any of these but I love the Maybelline Dream Highlighting one for under the eyes :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. I use the MAC concealer, I find it drying too (and I have oily skin). I tend to apply it under my eyes and nowhere else. Really ought to invest in another one for elsewhere actually! Interesting post, I may look into the Benefit one! x

    1. Benefit one is great but I think there is only one shade available which is bizzare!
      Thanks lovely xxx

  3. i use the mac studio finish concealer and
    it the best i have ever tried :)x


  4. I used to use the Mac concealer but since i have very dry skin it didn't work out for me. Now I love Bye Bye Under Eye by It Cosmetics. Super duty coverage and not drying.
    Great post hun.
    Jessi Durant-Chayer

    1. Thank you hun!
      I haven't got anything from It cosmetics. Need to have a look into that brand :) xxx

  5. You have a nice little collection here. I really want to try both the mac ones and the garnier ones.


  6. I've got the MAC Select Cover Up and Garnier one. I quite like both (probably the MAC one a little more). I would really like to try the MAC Studio Finish, my skin can be quite oily so hopefully wouldn't be too dry for me.

    1. Studio Finish is definitely worth a try. You'll probably like it a lot if your skin haven't got tendency to dryness.


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